How to configure wi-fi and mobile app on WORX Landroid WR142E robotic lawn mower.



  1. I have a relatively flat lawn that nevertheless has a number of bumps and uneven bits in it because it is a bigger, more country like lawn🌼 After the set up, which went as smoothly as can be expected given how much I hate learning to work new tech toys, WORX got to work and did a surprisingly quiet job of getting the mowing done. While it has gotten itself stuck a couple of times, lifting the mower out of a too low bed edge occasionally is a whole lot less labor-intensive than dealing with having the mow crew come twice a month and having to pay the resulting bill.

  2. I have the same model 2021,but there is no "Setup Wifi" option in the menu. Should I update the robot via USB first?

  3. We have defined 2 zones on our 500s. We only wanted to mow zone 2 so we set zone 1 to 0% and zone 2 to 100%. Then we pressed start from home position. He drove to zone 2 through zone 1 where he did not mow. When he arrived at zone 2 he started mowing. Mowed part of that zone for about 15 minutes and then went to zone 1 and continued mowing there while we had set it to 0%.
    How can I get him to mow zone 2 only and when ready to go home?

  4. Hi! I'm puzzled why my Landroid would not return to the charging station after it finishes its work or the battery gets low. What am I doing wrong?

  5. I had my internet down for a few days while the landroid was on rain delay. It stuck on that setting and I could not change anything or get it to work manually. Is there a way to reset and operate manually in case of internet down. I have the WR 139E

  6. Hy, i'm trying also to connect my phone to this thing, i do all steps exactly, on my Worx writes "success", but i can't find it on my App. Has anyone any idea why? Thanx a lot!

  7. Looking to buy a Worx landroid – one question – whilst it can be set up for days/times to mow, can it be called on to start at any time by the phone app. Say if I wanted the mower to start straight away for some reason, can it be instructed through the app?

  8. Sold my Landroid but how do I disconnect from the APP so that the new owner can take control

  9. Having trouble where mine shows the WiFi bar with an exclamation through it. WiFi won’t connect and when I try to it never try’s to connect, it just says successful and the app never does anything.

  10. Thx much for this. How do you 'ensure' a port is open in your router?? and what if the WIFI signal can't reach outside??

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