In this video we take a look at the Flymo 1200R Robot Lawnmower. These things are not cheap, but if they do what they say on the tin its going to be a big time saver.

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  1. Hi thanks for video, very informative! About to pull trigger on new Easilife, was wondering how long the power cable was for base, as concerned about reaching my outdoor plug. Cheers

  2. Great review, looking at buying a Flymo robot mower. After a year, any regrets or tips? Thanks

  3. Hello, I noticed the Mower is around £424 on the Amazon Prime Sale today, you mentioned it may have been around £380 when you looked when the video was made, in your experience could the price drop in the next 32 hours? Do you think £424 is a good deal. I actually do not need the Mower yet but was thinking of getting it in the near future.

  4. Love love love this!>>> I have it running in he middle of the night so I am not bothered by it during the day. My uncle made a little “car port” for it to keep it shaded since the place I wanted it was in full sun.

  5. Great video ! Thanks ! I have a question : Did you ever consider sticking the perimeter cables under the garden by using a spade and then sticking then cable into the groove few centimetres under ?

  6. Great video/videos. Ended up swinging the purchase decision for me. Arrived today. Looking forward to setting it up!

  7. Is it me or does the grass look the same length as when it started?

  8. Great video. Unless i completely missed you stating this, how well does it work around the edges?or do you still need to get a strimmer out once a week?

  9. Thanks for the video. It helped. Immensely evaluating how the mower worked and helped when installing my 1200r. Have you any lessons learned tips over a month on?

  10. Great video, thanks for posting.

    I got one of these mowers but haven't installed it yet. Have you had any issues with docking or leaving the dock? I would like to set up mine in a corner like yours but the manual does not seem to recommend this.

  11. Great video mate – really nicely done and informative – loved the time lapse. Am tempted in getting one of these, but like you I keep kicking myself for not jumping on the Amazon lightning sale a year or so ago when the mower was down at £300 ish! Couple of quick questions:
    1. What Drone do you have? Quality was excellent!
    2. For the scene towards the end, did you use a handheld gimbal or the drone? Nice cinematic effect following the mower around
    3. How long did the installation take you in total would you say?
    4. I'm trying to think of the long term cost – is there any maintenance required? Perhaps machine service / blades sharpening or even general clean up in case of it cutting in the rain?
    5. Have you noticed the grass is a "healthier" / greener colour now than before? Supposedly one of the benefits of these machines is that the clippings are re-absorbed and are actually nutritious…

    Great video and you're clearly a tech-lover so you've gained a subscriber!

  12. How you getting on with the mower? I'm also sick to the back teeth of cutting to grass!!!

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