In this edition of “Automower Answers” we look at the major differences between the 315X and 430X models and if it is worth to spend the extra money to invest in a 430x over a 315X. The price difference between the 315X and the 430X is currently $700 and many people wonder if what they get with a 430X that makes it worth the extra $700? Well as you can see in this video there are several key items that make the 430X worth the extra money depending on your lawn. And we explain why lawn size really has nothing to do with deciding between these 2 mowers.

Where to purchase a 315X:

Where to purchase a 430X:

Where to purchase a 430XH:

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  1. Hi Great video thanks. I think i'm going for the 430x. Can you add an extra battery to the 430x looks like there is space? Just found a video discussing it. Thats a big no 🙂

  2. Sure looks like you could add another battery on the other side of that battery bracket.
    Twice the battery capacity would make it handle a bigger yard.

  3. I'm curious about the difference between the 450x and 450xh. I know the xh cuts higher, but how? Is it just simply bigger wheel setup or is it built differently?

    Thanks for your interesting video!

  4. Thank you for your time doing this video, helps a lot more than the reseller of this product did

  5. There is one reason not to get the 430X. Size. If you have some narrow pathways, and your lawn is small enough to comfortably be cut by the 315X, then it makes no sense to get a 430X. In my case, the 315X barely fits between a fence and a flowerbed, but still manages to mow it.

  6. Hi. Thanks for your informative videos. I just bought a Husqvarna 315X and immediately regret not buying the 430X (yes I saw your comparison between 315X VS 430X) Now I am stuck with the 315X with low/poor performance! Do you know if I can install a bigger battery in the 315X from the 430X? It's 2.6Ah vs 5.2Ah… Please help me out… 😊

  7. when I equip a 420 with the GPS module, this is about 400 euro cheaper. Is the husqvarna then also mowing with GPS assistance, or is this then only good for when it is stolen?

  8. Hi is the 315x good enough for 0.20 acres with no steep hills, only flat ?

  9. I have quite a steep hill in my back yard. How much of a hill can this really handle?

  10. HI
    I have husqvarna automower 320.My battery is stay old. i took it from mower. here 18650 1600mah vtc3 cells. i bought cells 18650 vtc6 3000mah and did same 5p2s. old bat has bms board (bq77908A). i re soldered and output of bms 7 volts. i am thinking bms is not working with new cells. how to restart/startup this bms with new cells? my be your know something ? thank you

  11. Best video I have ever seen. Really made things clear regarding these lawn mowers. I now know exactly what to get and with confidence. Thank you

  12. Thanks for this. Looks like you just let the automower roll right over the sidewalk to tackle the tree lawn. Was wondering if that was the way to do it.

  13. I'm thinking the dial height adjustment might be faster than futzing with an app and there's less to go bad in the future.
    I didn't look it up, but where in Western PA or Western MD are you? Yes the accent and word usage gives you away 😁

  14. all we have available in my area is the 310…so would appreciate more info on the 310 and why u didnt want to talk about it? thank you .

  15. Hello to everyone,

    I see a lot of comments having a lot of pros, but i cannot see any info about how much time it takes to finish 500 or 1000 square meters. That info would help for having an idea on how often has to start.
    At this moment i am using a normal lawn mower of ~ 50 cm wide and i want to decide whether i have to buy the TC138 or i can save my time by buying the automower 430X.

  16. Good info. How lumpy can the lawn surface be before it affects the cutting? I have used my lawn tractor, and because I pretty much have to do the same pattern it has become a little rutted. Not too severe. That plus the fact that over time the lawn surface has become lumpy due to frost.

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