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  1. why didnt you make it do somthing…. like mow

  2. Seems like it would not be difficult to add lines to the program, if wheels are turning but GPS position does not change for 3 to 5 min, initiate "unstuck" protocol, (reverse for 1 min then pivot right one min, then pivot left one min, return to main program ) .

  3. What motor and driver do you recommend to power a similar rover in a range of speed between 1 and 15mph?
    I’m having trouble finding something that has a wide range of speeds with good efficiency.

  4. Now I want to make one. The idea of having a rover doing it's thing is so cool

  5. Your YouTube channel is getting to inspiring for me I been doing electronics my whole life not like this but damn. I’m really really impressed lol

  6. Why aren't you already work for SpaceX or nasa? Dude you work out so much with autonomous stuff,…. Somebody has to see the potential

  7. why the obsession with 4 wheels? Make 3 wheels one wheel what is free swinging in the middle, the other 2 mothers just pull, of course correcting by going backwards isn´t optimal but it still will work better in most situations 😉

  8. Very cool project and I feel a little embarrassed at my attempt to help you with tuning issues on the Ardupilot discussion boards. I thought you were a Newbie, but you are WAY beyond me, I think! 🙂

  9. Good project overall and good electronics. However, you are using way too light mechanical components for the wheels, the chain, the gears, and height given the terrain. The electronics portions of your design seems very good. But, it seems you have to think more about the environmental parameters and the extreme stress points of your physical components. Also, it may help to put more protective items around exposed moving parts and possible redundancy in the mechanical items.

  10. What is the function of that little voltage regulator you are using, if it has the solar panels connected directly to the input you will have problems at sunrise, those buck regulators don't like slowly rising voltages on the input (sunrise), and will not startup.

  11. …so I designed an additional 3D printed cycloidal gearbox with a 13:1 reduction ratio that goes in series with the Barbie Jeep gearbox…….. ooooofffff course ya did!! LOL. I'd expect you to 3D print a cold fusion reactor next to power the thing. Great job on this.

  12. I'm interested to know what flight controller you used for this, and if it's the same flight controller you use for your other autonomous projects?

  13. how does the rover continue to do way point missions after you leave it and drive away? is your transmitter still at the field? if you turned your transmitter off wouldn't the rover go into failsafe mode?

  14. Can you use a regular rc truck ESC and connect it to AudruRover/Pixhawk? Also is it possible to program a RC truck ESC with a airplane receiver and transmitter? Thanks man keep killing it!

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