Safety should always be a top priority when mowing your lawn. With a Husqvarna Automower you have no worries of the mower sucking up sticks, rocks, stones, twigs, acorns, or any other items and turning them into deadly flying projectiles. Watch here as our 435X Automower safely mows over sticks, stones, and fallen tree branches. If this area was mowed with a lawn tractor, zero turn, or push mower everything would need to be cleaned up in order to ensure that nothing was sucked up into the mowers deck and launched back out.

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  1. Not trying to be rude but a lot of these videos show the automowers tending lawns that are not so manicured. This looks like something on the edge of a forest. Any examples of lawns that are maintained by automowers that may have a higher maintained look? Again not trying to be rude just trying to find something similar to my lawn to see how the look would be. Thx!

  2. Once again, this is my yard. But at about a 45° slope! Almost too steep to walk down to even pick up sticks. But our 435X handles it with aplomb. Think I'll go outside right now and watch it mow!

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