Ever since the 430X and 450X were introduced in 2016 the question of how or if a second battery can be installed in a 430X has been asked constantly. So in this video we discuss this topic and talk about what all goes into making the second battery able to work on a 450X but not a 430X.

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  1. I have a machine, born as a 330x, bur now identifies itself as a 430x. It came with two 2800mAh, but now have one 4000mAh batttery.
    It complains there is a problem charging battery two (which isn't there), but it runs. So I bet I could add another 4000mAh battery.

  2. Thanks for the video.

    Side note: you can’t void your warranty by opening the device. Doesn’t matter what the stickers say. The Supreme Court has ruled that its illegal for things like warranties to be voided because you opened your item.

  3. Hi. I bought the 315X 10 month ago. And regret not buying the 430X immediately. Did not see your channel before I bought it. My problem is battery run time. The 315X stops cutting and returns to the charging station at 40% battery! I have a flat lawn and the machine could easily be working til 10—15% battery before it returns to charging! Can this be changed in some settings or can I change the batteri to a bigger one? Hope you can help and give me som answers. Thanks for this great channel. 😊 👍

  4. You can have a battery made for well under $100. Only thing you need to care about is voltage. Charge time means nothing unless you have it out 24/7. Would like to hear more about the other systems but something tells me they only matter if you change out the motherboard and that's not needed. Warranty is the only reason not to do this and will be the only reason why I'm not going to do it. Good video explaining it's set up.

  5. Thanks for this video, but my English is not good enough to understand your explanation. Is it available in plain text ? I would like to translate it with Google translator.

  6. HI
    I have husqvarna automower 320.My battery is stay old. i took it from mower. here 18650 1600mah vtc3 cells. i bought cells 18650 vtc6 3000mah and did same 5p2s. old bat has bms board (bq77908A). i re soldered and output of bms 7 volts. i am thinking bms is not working with new cells. how to restart/startup this bms with new cells? my be your know something ? thank you

  7. Most don't care about charge time. It can charge for 22hrs a day if it wants.
    What people want is increase the area it can mow

  8. Thanks for the info and disassembled footage. Why not splice in the second battery in parallel? Doesn’t require use of the second header. A lower relative amperage charge or C-rate is okay since it’ll result in more lifetime charge cycles since it’s a gentler charge. The ONLY time it’d be unacceptable is when the turf sqft was high enough to where the mower was barely keeping up 24×7 and couldn’t take the additional charge time penalty.


    Also, that battery appears to be simply assembled 18650 batteries in the usual mixture of series and parallel. Easy DIY with minimal soldering skills. Grab some nice Panasonic 18650 cells on amazon for a fraction of the cost, few minutes of soldering, done.

    Also ground speed wouldn’t change since it’s the same voltage due to splicing it in parallel.

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