Tool Tuesday: Never Mow again!! Robot self charging lawnmower! See how it works! Come along as we show ya a cool new automatic lawn mower that’s self charging and worxs great! Landroid Link: (amazon affiliate link) More links below!
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  1. Technology absolutely belongs on the homestead! What a cool product for a small space! Now upscale it and make it so it can bale hay!

  2. Will it cut all your yard or just some of it. Can remember your yard. I have been wanted one

  3. Ever since I installed the optional claymore upgrade, I haven't had a single ATF agent on my lawn!

  4. pretty crazy how thoes little blades can cut the grass i never woulda thought that would work lol

  5. Mowing the lawn isn't manly, well i thought it was manly when i was in 4th grade – made so much cash mowing lawns & fixing mowers that i had to hide it from my mom!

  6. We have one, works great, doesn't like this one hill I have near an ivy covered retaining wall. Not patchy if you have it mow enough hours. Mows just fine at night.

  7. I enjoy mowing my lawn so don't really care for anything like this, however, I've been thinking of getting a cordless push mower for trimming on my property, I don't have much to mow with a push mower I just use one to trim around trees and the border of the yard, then use the lawn tractor for the rest so when my current push mower dies I'll be going cordless for the push mower, would love to go cordless for my weed eater too if a company comes out with a cordless weed eater that uses the universal attachments like the cultivator, blower, pole saw, etc. Until then I'll have to keep my gas weed eater.

  8. I almost bought the Worx WR150; however, I settled on the Toadi self-driving lawn robot which uses a camera to autonomously drive around my yard. No perimeter wire. Uses same sensor and camera technology as Tesla. Mows in straight lines. Wireless charging.

  9. i have no idea why companies make the bottom of mowers with lumps and screws, the bottom should be smooth so grass has nowhere to collect and rust screws.

  10. Can you make a video of it actually cutting the grass instead of just driving around?

  11. I mean really cool gadget. Handy if you’re too busy to mow. I like my kubota too much though and physically mowing gives me something to do when I’m having separation anxiety from my kids during the school season.

  12. Hey Josh! Wondering about the bees! Any pollen and honey yet?

  13. It's neat to see technology advances but it definitely has a long way to go. One thing it's missing is a bag. Some folks want to bag their clippings. With some of these you have to bury the cable, it's nice that this one can be installed above ground.

  14. Show a video where it looks like it is actually cutting and not just trimming ya get a week of rain then ya got 1 day dry out then the next day you can cut show me that, otherwise this is nothing but an oversized robot you get to say you own that you could have built with freeware

  15. It looks like it only cuts 8 to 10 inches wide with every pass. That would take forever!

  16. you know that would be great for some of us old people that can't really mow our yards due to age and physical ailments .

  17. Now if we could just get something with a 4ft cutting width and a 4hr battery life and off road tires, we'll be all set! With optional garden patrol to scare the critters at night ??

  18. I hope bigger ones are made that can work in a paddock. It would be great to have one or two out keeping the grass down. Better than pigs or goats too.

    However I’d imagine they’d be a target for thieves.

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