Husqvarna Fleet Services™ is a robotic lawn mower scheduling and management app. Our GPS controlled robot mowers can be controlled with this Automower® app. Learn more: Subscribe to Husqvarna on YouTube: Follow Husqvarna: Tweets by HusqvarnaUSA #HUSQVARNA #HUSQVARNAREADY #HUSQVARNAPOWER #READYWHENYOUARE #HUSQVARNAPRO #OUTDOORPOWEREQUIPMENT #LANDSCAPING #LANDSCAPER #LAWNCARE #LAWNCARELIFEContinue Reading

I built this RC Lawnmower for fun and to be able to sit in my house and mow when its really hot out in the summer or cold in the fall. I used wheelchair motors and wheels I found on Ebay. I have the tractor frame and push mower. IContinue Reading

#IOTSolarGrassCutter #GrassCutterarduino #wirelessGrassCutter check details here: The current technology is frequently used to cut grass manually with a handle device. The project’s objective is to construct a solar-powered grass-cutting machine system that is controlled via an Android application via the Bluetooth module feature. Previously, grass cutter machines were poweredContinue Reading