I’ve lost my love for pegboards. They have become obsolete to me in their current state. I would like to introduce to you something that will change the wall you thing of hanging and organizing. The Frech Cleat Wall

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to get back to them as soon as I can.

French Cleat Files:

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  1. Good Guy Maker Tales. The files are still available for free

  2. Too much work for little reward. I can appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity behind your idea with the French clear wall. Don’t see the need to move my stored tools etc. around with cleats.

  3. Pegboards are vastly superior for spacing your smaller tools exactly the way you want. Obviously they are not designed for holding heavier items. That is the entire point – different methods have different uses. You can't dismiss pegboards and say that everyone needs to go with French cleats. Your system here would be entirely useless for the tool wall in my garage and would use up way more space.

  4. Do you have a video or plans on how to make that storage bins you made. I need something like that

  5. I just ordered a pegboard, but id like to use this system as well. Are they ok to use on dividing walls or partician walls?

  6. Wow! The look and flexibility of your storage has just blown my mind! Glad I found your vid and channel. Thanks!

  7. Very nice!

    How compatible is this with cats? Would the shelves and cleated cupboard survive being jumped upon by cats?

  8. great video, I especially love the reversible shelf.
    Do you think it would be possible to hold an LED screen?

  9. The real advantage of the French cleat system for me is that I can easily make holders suited to my work flow. Plus take them off of the wall and place them on my bench where I may need them. An example would be the auger bits to the work bench, or the sanding block collection to the project.
    Some items merely need a cleat attached to them to make them more versatile, such as the speakers for my music just needed a small cleat on the back to get them off of the bench. A small cleat on cheap parts bins gets them off them bench and on the wall.

  10. My thoughts on the French aside, plywood and wood in general is super expensive, cleats are somewhat custom and hard to interchange, cumbersome, very limited in where you put things due to the spacing of rails. Pegboard and some dedicated shelves win in my book.

  11. Sorry but one of your main points was to NOT have to buy anymore hardware but you have quite a bit… I use for a few things but still doesn’t replace my good old pegboard~

  12. Not practical, too much mucking around. Pegboard is cheap, easy and look better.

  13. This video was more about design than practicality. Most workshops have really a lot of tools.
    Toolboxes with easy to pull drawers is what is needed.

  14. Mate, I wanna hang shovels, rakes, extension cords, ladders etc. This simply won't do.

  15. My closet system is a french cleat system. didnt know it though until i saw your video. its held up for over 10 yrs now. Its called Easy Closet. I love it. Leaves the floor space clear.

  16. Pegboards are useless…unless you live in an apartment, don't have fancy tools, aren't a craftsman, don't have free time…

  17. Sometimes it's the simple ideas that are effective. Thanks for posting this – I'm now rethinking my workshop storage to incorporate more French cleats! What species of wood did you use?

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