In this video I took your suggestions and test what happens when I open a bottle of liquid nitrogen under water in a pool! Underwater Drone:

When I poured liquid nitrogen on the ocean I got a lot of suggestions to see what would happen if I actually opened it while it was under the water. Watch this amazing video of LN2 in a pool under the water.

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  1. Is it turning into (HยฒO + Nยฒ)? Or is is not reacting beacuse of the density?

  2. How about: POURING OUT the liquid nitrogen underwater? SQUIRTING liquid nitrogen underwater?

  3. Too bad he didn't have a tornado tube on top of the container. I bet it would have looked amazing.

  4. This is probably the most reckless and idiotic display of chemical abuse I've ever seen. You could have frozen tissue, suffocated or drown.

    Sharing this with the world is like a runner up for Darwin Awards.

  5. Just curious, what would happen if they ran massive pipes under the gulf of Mexico and pumped nitrogen in those pipes when ever a hurricane entered the gulf to cool down the warm water and lesson a hurricane build up, sort of like what the sand does when it blows in from Africa it keeps hurricanes from development can the same be done with cool nitrogen being pumped thru seel pipes in the gulf only turn it on as a disturbance enter the area to help cooling effort just curious has this ever been tried but of course on a larger scale

  6. What happens if you drink the liquid nitrogen? Make a video please!

  7. This literally showed up as the 5th result for the search โ€œnapalm sticks to kidsโ€ (a song)

    Really fuckin weird lol, could be cuz I watch ur channel but idk

  8. I can get a better effect if I stuck my air compressor novel under water

  9. Sponsored by the drone company, and not really an Advert for the drone,…..

  10. Iโ€™m pretty shocked he didnโ€™t literally freeze his nuts off.

  11. This guy has no scientific explanation, warnings or whatever to explain what is happening. Itโ€™s a video where you the dude says: Whoa. Thatโ€™s cool dude! Smh.

  12. Shout out to homie pouring liquid nitrogen right next to his bare feet

  13. How did this come up in my feed. Never seen this channel before. AHA! I watched T2 last night with the wife and said 'liquid nitrogen' in the final scene and creepy Google is always listening…

  14. So what would happen if the opening wasnโ€™t so narrow? How big could the boiling style reaction get?

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