iRobot releases their first robotic lawn mower. iRobot Terra lawn mower. See the difference it can make for you in taking care o your yard and maybe you will never have to mow or pay someone to mow again.

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  1. With record breaking heat, this should be in high demand

  2. I run the m6 daily, and my floors look awesome? I wet mop 2 days and dry sweep the rest of the days. When I first got it, I used the included disposable pads. I didn't like them–the dry pad has no depth so if it picks up a chunk of something, like dry cat food, then it pushes it around or drags it around the floor. The wet pad wasn't very absorbent so left streaks and wheel marks.

  3. I was thoroughly bummed when I heard it had been cancelled. I was so planning on buying a real smart mower instead of these over priced moronic mowers that are out now.

  4. DONT BUY I ROBOT i bought one last year. 9s+ ,i did not open the box
    for a year, and when i opened it set it up, it would not work, brand new
    out of the box, i called support and only emails they dont want to talk
    on the phone , she told me we ll deal by emails only, which they could
    not solve my problem, worst support i have ever seen in my life ,
    $1,399.00 to the garbage. they said i am out of warranty and buy a new
    one they cant help, still brand new, never been used . its EXTREMELY BAD s , buy
    any other brand with good support or better vacuum better reviews

  5. I didn’t think this thing would actually do a thorough job, but wow we absolutely love it? We have 4 dogs (short hair), a cat and a guinea pig so we really put it to the test. She’s gotten stuck a few times on kitchen mats that had pulls in them so now I pick the mats up or kick them to the side at least so she can get around. With our first baby on the way, this is worth every penny.

  6. I’m not surprised it’s cancelled. IRobot navigation and mapping is terrible. An iRobot mower would be dangerous. I own two current iRobot devices and have plenty of previous models, so I’m rating the navigation and mapping on first hand experience. I get upset when my carpet gets mopped but would be worse having the garden mowed.

  7. If it wasn’t canceled, what if someone just picked it up and walked away

  8. Reminds me of "Honey I shrunk the kids". Kid has a remote control lawn mower and pays another kids to cut the grass with the remote. ?

  9. They probably reconsidered when they saw Toadi mower , no wires ,no beacons an cute face. Hoping it gets a regular non kickstarter release ?

  10. WHY-WHY-WHY,,,,,I've been monogamous with IROBOT since the RED model…I waited for this, I retire from the military and don't want to cut the grass. don't make me go to the European company that is really made in china-that was bought out by several sub euro-trash motorcycle companies and says…still quality, made in a sweat shop in china…please IROBOT…come back!!!!!

  11. First, those blades looks like they are gonna do some serious damage to hedgehogs etc…. Not secure. Check Husqvarna/Gardena robotic mowers. They use very small razor blades which retracts when they hit something solid (i.e. not grass). Also VERY good cutting results because it cuts from all angles because of the random pattern. Boundary wire IS neccessary. I really bet this terra mower is gonna cut stuff and destroy stuff it shouldn't… Also, WHY on earth would you want LINES in your grass? The whole point of random cutting pattern is to NOT have lines stamped in your lawn, but to have a perfectly cut lawn that looks great from all angles… And the design looks like something from the 80s. THAT ANTENNA… It looks just like a Robomow mower to me. Really not modern.

  12. You really have no idea what you're talking about , haven't you 😛
    No experience with the leading manufacturers, no experience with robots that are on the market.
    Same seems to go for iRobot, instead of taking advantage of what the competition has achieved over the last 20 years they seem to to try to repeat all the mistakes ever made in this field…

  13. Great report .. in my specific case with three acres, lots of trees on slopes and several 15 degree grades .. the closed I can get to automation is a good Ego self propelled ..
    combined with my commercial JD and DR … and Echo. Cheers ….

  14. Having the mower continuously do the same straight line pattern over and over and over will eventually dig grooves and you'll start to see wheel marks. It cannot continuously cut in that type of pattern. That's why all robotic mowers use random cutting to allow the grass to heal and not leave grooves.

  15. Any idea when this is coming out? iRobot did confirm in their latest financial report that they have delayed launching this lawn mower, just wanna know if you know more.

  16. On the one hand, a well done review. On the other hand, it is obvious that the reviewer does not own this product, and he has never owned a robotic mower. At least his title wasn't click bait.

  17. I stumbled upon this Terra lawn mower robot it it wowed me by how many issues they have addressed. I had a popular orange robot mower on order but I canceled it to wait for this Terra. I hope there are no major issues that would prevent it’s launch after the world resumes from the Covid19 shut down and safer at home. This would’ve been a perfect distraction while I was at home in the spring season. The remote is a major selling point because I know there’s certain parts of my garden/lawn where a completely automatic mower will not be able to navigate fully so using a remote would come in handy controlling the mower from the shade. The need for the boundary lines was the hesitation when trying to choose one of those other mowers but I thought that was the only way it could be done so I came to terms with the need for wires until I saw the Terra no wire system. Yes please! Thank you very much. Those blades look very serious too which would actually cut tough weeds growth here in South Florida. I robot needs to release this machine sooner than later, I’m sure they were planning on a big launch party and fanfare but the world have changed. This machine can still be a success without a big publicity production behind it. Anyway if it completely scrapped, send me one of the early production models if you’re not gonna sell them.

  18. So disappointed to hear that iRobot Terra launch in the US has been delayed. O hope that when things get back on track again they continue to work on this product at iRobot as it is the natural extension for them in terms of assistance around the home.

  19. They canceled it’s release in April 2020. Very dumb. They suck

  20. Can’t wait for the iRobot of this Mower in Australia. I love my iRobot Roomba 980 and Braava 380t.

  21. My only problem is that I have a fenced in back yard so I guess I would have to buy two, one for the back and one for the front? I am guessing these will run around $1000 each and I currently pay my lawnmower guy $80 a month so the ROI will take a while. Also it would have been great if those transmitters could remain inside your house or on top of the roof to help prevent theft. On second thought, perhaps I could cut a hole large enough in my fence for the terrain to go under if it is smart enough to do that.

  22. Nice review, but you never really showed a close up of the cut.  What I saw didn't really make a difference.  It was like it wasn't mowing.

  23. I have been following this product for almost a year and am anxious to see the product offered in the US.  It my understanding the test market (lawns) was in Germany during 2019.  My question that I cannot find answered by anyone else is " How do any of these lawn mowers handle parkways (grass strip between public sidewalk and public street)?"  Does it treat it the same as a driveway or entry walkway?

  24. I’m getting the impression you like the marketing for this mower but haven’t actually used or tested it yet, so you wouldn’t have any actual basis for making judgement. Is that correct?

    Just wondering since you like features such as the replaceable blades which other mowers also have, negatively comment about the randomness of the mowing pattern of other mowers which turf management professionals and university turf researchers actually like because that randomness does not wear patterns into the lawn (which isn’t good for the grass), and you like the beacon navigation without seeming to know the cost, or number of beacons needed, and required placement of the beacons to follow irregular shapes.

  25. first, I had Robomow since 2011 the RS series, still with the same battery, and iRobot stole the design to be similar to iRobomow and maybe Ambrogio FKA Lawnbott and 90% of mowers self-charge, and the straight line is used by other robotic lawn mowers mainly outside the US

  26. rowbomow blades seem far superior maybe heavy (for now) though. i would be cautious of getting stuck buying replacement blades

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