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Whether you are a seasoned pilot, student pilot and wanting to learn to fly an airplane, or even an avid SIM pilot who just purchased Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (FS2020) or X-Plane, I think you will enjoy this cockpit view flight vlog into some of the most dangerous airports in the world.

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My Camera Setup
GoPro Hero 8 (Inside & Outside Cameras)-
Insta 360 One R –
How I record my audio –
Sony FDR-X3000 (G1000 Camera) –
DJI Mavic Pro Drone –
Get rid of prop blur- Polar Pro ND –

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Flight Simulator Setups

Beginner Level
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Intermediate Level

Thrustmaster TFRP Rudder

TrackIr 5 Optical Head Tracking System

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How I record audio in a plane

How I get rid of prop blur by using ND filters
Best option Polar Pro

Cheaper option

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