1. Good job…this is suitable of fish farming… Biofloc system. Can u provide me.

  2. ……Fail, my lab swims faster , but it's a Hella good idea. I think he just needs to drop the 6 pack of small thrusters and use two big thrusters and it would proly fly…..

  3. Holy crap…the sound of those motors I was like danggggg! Then he gets in the water and has to kick his feet. Wth?

  4. i wonder if this is just the kid version. its just too small. do another but twice as powerful and then maybe it work.

  5. Wait Khabe use your video swiming by himself with out your slow boat😎

  6. F sake, I should have read the comments first, he is literally not moving… remember when you learnt to swim at school and you had those floats lol

  7. Hello creative channel can i ask you a question what type of tape you use after you put the rubber glove on a switch ?? Hope you reply subbed✅

  8. Just a thought; did you account for the drag of your body? Also, jets get faster with speed, they function poorly at low speeds thus props tend to be used for the greater torque. Please install a lanyard kill switch! If you let go that thing would cruise until the power ran out 😱 otherwise splendid build!

  9. basically it's wrong design because u cannot open it to high speed will be front of ur face

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