Amazing COOL TOOLS you can Buy Now in 2021

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BIHUI Concrete & Floor Polishing Grinder:
kwb Shorty Bitholder:
CVT Vibration Tile Beater-Bihui Tools:
BEHAbelt HS400/800 – Butt Splicing Tools:
kwb pivoting bit holder with magnet:
Ganwei Hinge positioning hole punch:
BIHUI Switchable Notched Trowel Set:
Gebuwin Pulley Man
kwb Profi Complete Set:
ThreadMate for Internal thread repair tool:

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  1. This thread repair thing – guess it is not soo easy. The angle of the thread can be different 55 ° or 60 ° . Pitch, inner diameter and angle determines the type of a thread…

  2. Another video with music in the background that does not explain the products please get rid of music and explain the products otherwise I will not subscribe to this channel thank you.
    Can anybody make a video and explain the products music in the background does not tell me anything!

  3. Why does Amazon have this monopoly on items alright products can be sold, but why give them preferential treatment personally I will never buy anything from this diabolical company their workers are treated worse than animals and competition stifled?

  4. One second the drill reads HiKOKI a second later same drill reads HITACHI.

  5. how does the threading tool differentiate between coarse, fine, extra fine. Metric, or British standard ?

  6. that thread tool looks like a disaster wobbling around, it might straighten one slightly bent thread but to apply pressure and drive it into the steel the other side is going to flatten and damage more threads, if you haven't a tap or die and theres only a few mils to go thru youd save a lot more money sacrificing a hardened bolt pointing the top and working it thru but youll get a tap cheaper than this tool, if it aint broke fix it till it is I suppose

  7. 4:37 Bihui Switchzable Notched Throwel Set
    I want to see that, after a whole days work. I bet the sliding doesn't work as good anymore.

  8. I tried Bondic don't waste your money, mine arrived leaking like a sieve, in the end, I just used superglue

  9. Should be re-titled Amazing cool tools that the average person will NEVER need!

  10. The BEHABelt one is so stupid… weak join and it hinges, and slower than just punching fingers lmao, only good for volta belting

  11. Don’t anyone use inch’s or pounds anymore? To old to go back to school to learn this other crap.

  12. Самый прикольный момент это когда на видео с подъёмником помоечный китайский шуруповёрт "Хикоки", волшебным образом меняется на "Хитачи". ( The most fun moment is when in the video with the lift, the garbage сhinese screwdriver " Hikoki " magically changes to "Hitachi". ) :-))

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