1. Do the easiest thing first
2. Don’t rely on the people that tried and failed prior
3. 90% of problems are between the driver’s seat and the steering wheel
Bonus: If it can go wrong, it WILL go wrong. (Murphy’s Law)
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  1. I buy broken stuff a lot assuming someone else was just dumb and couldn't fix it. Got a PS4 years ago for $20 that just needed a ribbon cable plugged back into the power button. Got a lathe with burnt motor that just needed a new start cap. Computers galore where I swap ram ports or replace an HD and she fires up.
    "Ave however" you do get burned gambling big. Bought a "for parts" Novakon CNC mill that looked good and I assumed had at best a bad controller. $2000 + 580 ship across country. I got it only to find no breakout board, power supply, axis controllers and every limit switch shattered from coolant/age weakening the plastic. Even the spindle servo motor bearings sound rough. Servo motor controller has a swollen cap but it's got great bones and steppers. Got breakout for $7, 140 for linear 48v 900w psu, $80 for 2 556 drivers and a 860 for Z and I'm hoping to replace cap in controller and bearings on servo motor. Did I get burned? No but I didn't make out like a bandit either…

  2. # 3 is known in the tech world as "PEBCAK ". Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard.

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  4. Your 3 steps are good advice. Had a PhD laser physicist give me a MacIntosh receiver once. He said it had no sound and that a young EE from work had tried to fix it and failed to get it working. I opened up the receiver and saw that it used transistors rather than tubes and that all transistors were socketed. Pulled the transistor data sheet and discovered the young EE must have pulled all the transistors and then reinstalled them rotated by one pin. I installed them all correctly and turned the receiver on. It had sound but there were dropouts when I adjusted the volume. Sprayed the potentiometer with some circuit cleaner and viola – it worked fine. Sold it for $250.

  5. It doesn't work? Scrap is down plus the cost of labor and transportation considered. The wasted space and additional difficulty to clean around this broken lathe. I can get it gone for 50 bucks. Lol

  6. #4. Never underestimate the power of obscenities at high volume..

  7. Rule number two is so true and I’ve been told
    It by my uncle before but, when it really set in was when me and my brother bought an old Ford with a misfire and the guy said he changed the plugs and the wires. He was a millwright at Exxonmobile so we thought yeah this guy must know his stuff and my bro worked with him so we trusted him. Turns out the misfire was because one of the spark plugs was cross threaded and wasn’t installed correctly…. go figure

  8. Thank You for your very wise council and advise, I enjoy and have learned very much from your videos. Always great advise.

  9. For years we would have inspections and they would find errors and recommend corrections and we would follow orders and do exactly as ordered. The following year we would be inspected and something of the nature that would contradict entirely our previous order would be listed as the fault. This would happen whether it was the same inspector or someone new or just different, every freaking year.several times a year.
    So, on the prospect of a third year inspection I decided to read every regulation and SOP pertaining to my section and implemented several changes, There was some initial grumbling and I had a discussion with my commander showing my thought process and reasons for every action that I took.
    Low and behold the inspector came and started writing up all sorts of so-called errors. I let him go through everything thoughtfully listening and asked did they really want to cite these errors and needs for corrections as stated? I requested that every error be put in writing and waited for the report. Having discussed this with my commander we knew the inspectors didn't have a clue about their jobs. After receiving the report. I thanked them and requested a detailed listing of every error citing every regulation or SOP that was out of correction. They doubled down and sent me corrections that were not on the previous list and made up errors that cited the same issue. That's when I sent them the very latest updated regulations and SOP for the standards they should have been checking. I cc'd command and provided every evidence that what they were doing wasn't or hadn't been standard for as long as anyone in the service at that time even was alive. Needless to say there was a big shuffle, retirements and ousting of several personnel. This lead to me being fast tracked for my own company command. Yeah, I learned not to trust someone elses work that year.

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