A few parts to look at and think about

, https://i.ytimg.com/vi/IaSaRRnZU8c/hqdefault.jpg



  1. I'm kind of in the middle of somthing bit bigger but want to use only 12 of 24 volts, could you please post the description of your smart servo? The idea comes out the blue because I want to cut time off and also keep up with my grass. Why not enjoying the time cutting grass grilling and beer ? Thanks, waiting for your feedback brother. Great mind!

  2. Your project has inspired me to make something similar. Therefore I would like to ask you some questions.
    What kind of motors are you using – are they 775 DC Motors ?
    Can you share a link to Arduino code in the description of the video ?

  3. A bit tricky to get the wire set up. Read the directions twice. But, mowing is awesome!>>>t.co/Ep6sZTPcda  I have a large area so it mows 12 hours a day. There is a tuft here or there, but otherwise I don't have to do anything with the grass. Perfect, as I hate mowing.

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