For over 2 years now we’ve been getting a steady amount of questions about how to install a Husqvarna Automower (or other robotic lawn mower). So Here is our first video about Automower installation. In this video we show the basics of installing an Automower in an average lawn with a few obstacles (trees, shed, swimming pool, flower beds, etc.) found in most yards here in the united states. This is would be considered a simple or basic installation. This type of installation is not very challenge to do and is the type of install that a homeowner could tackle themselves over a few days using a Husqvarna Automower install kit (or 2) and a helper or 2. Husqvarna Automower install kits consist of wire, wire staples, and wire splices/connectors. They are available in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. As we mentioned in the video, the large Husqvarna Automower install kit comes with 400 meters of wire so you may need more than one kit depending on your property size, number of islands, and length of guide wires.

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  1. Can you please direct us to a video that shows the actual connecting of the wires to the charging base as well as the burying and splicing of the wires. We have seen far enough of the schematics of how to do this . We need to see the actual how it was done. I have watched over 15 videos on the schematics and length of loops explanations . I have seen none that show the actual process. I have an Husqvarna 430.

  2. Can you tell me how close you have to be to power? Can you use extension cord?

  3. I have a large yard and got a great deal on two smaller Husqvarna 115H units that I want to run half of the yard for each. From what I understand, the Automower does not cut right up to the perimeter wire and since I do not want a strip that I always have to mow manually, is it possible to overlap the perimeter wires for each unit by about a foot or so at the dividing line. I would bury one a little deeper so they would not physically touch. I also want to be sure they are not running side by side too close together and allow the mowers to just pass over from one side to the other like the leads to an island. Each mower will be cutting close to the limit of .40 acre. Thanks in advance for your response.

  4. Is there a Trichet to instruct an automower to go to the startpoint of guidewire 3? It is close to my 2nd area And then I do not have to carry the mower that far.

  5. If I add additional landscaping, can I add multiple spices in the existing boundary wire? Also, it says the transformer should be installed inside. How is that possible when it is only a few inches from the end of the plug?

  6. I ordered self install with it on march 15th but took two weeks to get here ended up being the wrong auto mower so we sent it back took another week to get here now they say they can't install it till may 1st because of the stay at home act… im not happy with even bothering to fucking get this…. ontop of they never checked to see if my yard can handle this mower im just assuming it'll work and i can't even self install it cause they gave me about 900 feet short of what i actually needed for my dam yard… im so angry, the fact imma have to make a payment before i even get to see this thing at work, it's going to make my blood boil to a new level. i can't even self install it even if i tried, so now i've gotta wait fuckin 20 more days practically., Thanks china for the covid 19, hope we send you a nice lawsuit for this.

  7. How would you set up the guide wires to cross over concrete driveways and sidewalks to get to other non contiguous areas? Is this even possible?

  8. Can you give some advise on how to cross the driveway? Not sure how wide I need to make the lane and so on. Thoughts on that? Thanks!

  9. Great video! I'm going to be installing my own 450x on close to 2 acres and I'm hoping to get it right.

    Do I need to purchase the install kits or can u buy wire separately? I'd like to purchase the largest spool I can to minimize splices.

  10. Looks good, and would appreciate advise on about 3 acres that I would like to do with one 450X if possible

  11. Always great Info on how to make your mower experience better..Totally like the info on the Trouble shooting with guide wires..

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