The Future of Solid State Wind Energy – No More Blades. Go to to sign up for free. And also, the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium membership. Wind power is one of the fastest-growing renewable sources that works well at scale, but it isn’t perfect. What if we could scale down wind turbine power to something that could fit on your roof? And be self-contained with smaller moving parts … or maybe no blades or moving parts at all? Let’s look at some future alternatives for harnessing wind power.

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  1. 40:00 no, fuel is fuel. The word "fuels" is not pliral of fuel but used to decribe "ability to fuel" ie. "gasoline fuels my car." … I thought you were better than mouth-breathers…

  2. Dont ionizers produce ozone gas? That would be going backwards in climate change

  3. Ex wind turbine worker here, wind turbines in their current state suck and I don't know why we are building so many of them. We need a better design before we base large parts of out country's electrical infrastructure on it (too late though we already do and look at the result). Too bad the people pushing for it are dumb as rocks when it comes to science and technology beyond the propaganda they are fed and just listen to what their political party wants instead of going and looking at what they are doing. I can almost guarantee if you take a person and have them work on a normal wind farm for more than a day, maybe replace a yaw motor, then they would agree that they are the most ramshackle run into the dirt things because actually maintaining them cost too much so they just run the parts to failure then replace them. The materials involved (a crap ton of fiberglass) isn't friendly and the guesstimate lifespan of 25 years is bogus because the last 15 years of that is spent being repaired every other week. To be fair this stuff is all knowledge that is hard to come by unless you actually work on them and travel from wind site to wind site seeing that they are almost all like that and the propaganda would have you think its a near perfect solution so they can build more of them.

  4. power pod claims are straight up fraudulent.
    innovative solutions have their place but claims efficiency surpassing blade one are pure nonsense. And 3x is physically impossible.
    All that they claim as improvements actually reduce efficiency.

  5. Wont that produce ozone, which is unhealthy to breath and is a greenhouse gas itself?

  6. I really like your channel's education content, but I find the fickleness and indifference with which you treat the billions of birds harmed by cats and windows to be a disturbing reflection of your moral character.

  7. 2.4 billion by domestic animals?? I wonder where this value comes from? I have seen a bird after a car crash but never hurt by a domestic cat.
    One more – if we convert all of the wind power to electricity what will happen then? It will change the climate more than other human stuff. Earth needs wind.

  8. Wait… Negative ions? So you're making ozone as a byproduct. Isn't that air pollution that is bad for the lungs? It would be great if we could get the ozone into the upper atmosphere, but along the ground, it's not good for you.

  9. You cant compare the birds being killed by cats vs the birds killed by turbines. Cats kill small birds that are high in number. Wind Turbines kill big endangered birds. Yes, the Numbers are insignificant but only if you don't know the difference between a sparrow and a hawk.

  10. I love to learn about this it's one of the other crazy obsessions I have. I have been working on and designing my own little project on this, but I am lacking the proper stuff needed to work on it better. I'm hoping to get what I need soon so I can further work on this project of mine.

  11. cool but why would you get these? theres literally no point anymore just get solar or large wind farms

  12. Dude, your videos have spectacular content and information, I even enjoy your voice-over tone… but consider less face time. There is no need to be in your videos. And don't feel ridiculed, I suggest this to anyone who makes informative videos. I want to see graphs and charts and the subject you are discussing, not your ball-point talking head, it makes me shut you off, when I really want to hear the content.

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