Details of the projects can be found in the link below: (Disclaimer: I did NOT create these projects! All credit goes to their respective owners. This is a compilation, a preview of selected content promoting the owner’s content.) 3D Printed Robot Arm Mini CNC Plotter Machine From DVD DrivesContinue Reading

Part #2 Alexa Taking out the trash 5V-36V 350W DC Brushless Motor Controller BLDC PWM Driver Board Specification : Operating voltage: DC 12V-36V Operating Current: less than or=15A Driver Power: less than or =500W Speed Voltage: 0.1V-5V Operating Temperature:-40-85C Humidity: 90%RH Stall protection:Yes Enable Control: Yes Over-currentContinue Reading

Mobail Control Boat! HBM-CREATIVE This is a Arduino Programable Blutooth Control Water Boat. It can run by your Smart Phone! Thanks For Watching? It is a new channel. I will uplode creatives hacks and robotics related video. Please Subscribe my channel and shair. Stay with me.? Code: , Reading