Today we are going to show you the smallest mini aircraft in the world part 2. Because you liked our first video smallest mini aircraft in the world with engine and pilot so much we decided to create a part 2. We even found some more insanely small mini aircraft this time, which will amaze you. If you like flying car or handmade vehicles that are quite special like the stuff colinfuze creates you came to the right place. All of the mini aircraft come with an engine and can be operated by a pilot. Some of the mini aircraft engine are in the ultralight aircraft category and some are even compliant with the Part 103 regulation which means you can fly those mini planes without a license in the US aviation.

Would you fly such a small airplane? Tell us in the comments below!

0:00 Intro
0:21 OpenSky M-02J
1:50 Wilkes Subsonex JSX-2
2:56 DCL Big Drone
3:52 Archaeopteryx
4:58 Copterpack
5:53 Wee Bee
6:59 Airboard 2.0 by Dragon Air
7:53 Bensen B-8

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