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  1. That looks like such a nice peaceful place, then the sound of a lawn trimmer sailing through the lake 😀 I love it

  2. You won't drown your Boobies will save you❗Try Bigger prop for weed eater & rigg motor on back of a 2 man inflatable raft & it will go much faster???

  3. Scenario: Hey honey, are the cutting the grass right now? The husband, ya it sounds like they are… A little while later, the wife, honey I think their getting closer, the husband ya babe they are moving quite fast it seems. Couple see man on make shift craft pass by them yelling whooooo! Wife says to husband wtf, husband looks at the situation and starts to laugh, husband says to wife well I think we have seen everything now hun. The man continues down lake with a loud whoooooo! And husband continues to laugh.

  4. You may also want to place foot mounts on the engine shaft to give you the ability to better handle the machine.

  5. lol I did this same type of thing but used an actual job boat and an old propeller on my weed eater

  6. sounds like the texas chainsaw massacerer would enjoy living with kreosan team cause you constantly hear annoying chainsaw motor sounds

  7. OH THANK GOD he has 2 bottles taped to his nipples otherwise having boulders thrown at you while in the water on a inter tube powered by a weed wacker held together with duct tape might have been a little dangerous. Over here in America we would of used 2 motors and some flex tape. ??.

  8. Y’all sure do have a lot of Chinese stuff. Why is that ? is it the only thing available to you in Ukraine ?

  9. The washer is not centered and propeller isn’t balanced is why it’s vibrating so bad.

  10. When you realize the guards at Pripyat have been nerfed so they can’t go into the water.

  11. He'll be tasting 2 cycle for a day after, and maybe some dizziness from carbon monoxide. lol.

  12. Cage the propeller and you may have the next surf board ☺????5 smile's (you may want too look into ???????)

  13. If you can’t find life jacket, use plastic bottles!
    I can’t wait to see these guys stand at Earls Court Boat Show this year this Russian buoyancy vest is going to be the high lite of the show!

  14. Is this the most dangerous thing they've ever done? If they fell back once that propeller would've chewed them up.

  15. dangerous even in ukraine – if it flew out from under them their ass would literaly be grass and their balls would be a total loss

  16. i made one of those when I was young, I used a electric trolling motor transom bracket to hold it on the back of my small skiff, it had a 30cc 2 stroke an was direct drive no clutch, it worked good I just had to take the trolling motor prop an make the blades a bit smaller but it worked great for a few years.

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