Solar panels for home – 9 months later! It’s the video many of you have been asking for. Ever since I published the video about my solar panel system on my home earlier in the year, and my experience with the installation and energy production I’ve been seeing, I’ve been asked for an update on how it’s going. By a lot of people. Well, it’s time. How much energy production have I been seeing? How much money have I spent on versus how much I’ve saved? I’m going to cover it all.

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  1. I think apartment complex could benefit from this and charge tenets a electric cost lower than utilities companies charge. For home owners i start by tie to grid first before going off grid. Its cheaper at first but as prices go up then start by converting to off grid. The funny thing of this video is how the tax credit is the same as the interest he is paying. I start by adding what you are using and expand over time from there. Also when it comes to ac convert as soon as you can that can be easy on solar to save solar power. And do your own research.

  2. Let's brake that down. Cost of: solar panels $ ,batteries $ ,converter $ ,wiring $ ,instal labor $ , then there's maintenance. Is it worth it. Tell us.

  3. CO2 is not a problem , I am not sure why everyone is fussing about it. Long story short CO2 is a life giving gas to all plants. CO2 was 5 times higher long ago and there was still life on the planet

  4. Q. When I was wee there was finding watches. Then they had self winding watches. why don't small electronics us waste mechanical energy to self charge?

  5. Today I found out the truth about my zip code in solar panels. I live on south Texas along the coast. Unfortunately I was so excited about going green, I called to get a quote and all I needed to was to get ahold of the insurance. Some fun facts about insurance, there would be no savings?. My home insurance would go up $200 a month because they had to be windstorm insured, plus warranty towards warranty. My generator would only have 5yr warranty…. My summer electric bill is $140-$160, and winter $40-80. I would be losing money if I go green ??????

  6. In my area the electric company won't let you install more than you use. So there is no chance in them buying back your unused electricity. Is solar still worth it then?

  7. The $12,000++ is in addition to the cash price agent said we would pay after getting a mortgage on our home. We made it clear that we didn't want to finance, but was coaxed by agent that credit app would expedite our application for fast installation. We trusted this man. We found out that he lied throughout his presentation. He told us that we'd never pay anymore light bills for rest of our lives & that the power co.would be sending big check monthly to us, because they'd be getting energy from us that they would have to pay us for. Can someone help us? A $35,000+ agreed on cash price is hyped to a $47,000+ financed price. We'd rather them take it back & we deal with the propane gas co.

  8. You say so much about solar power that make sense. Thanks. We've 13 panels on our roof, much sunlight uninterrupted except in bad weather & our backup generac battery registers 0.00 KW. Electric co. sent an almost usual large bill with a credit to our account for $1.70. To us, solar power is not making sense. Prior to getting solar panels, we installed a 16 KW generac whole house generator which is run by propane gas. We're so confused & feel used & exploited. Wish we can find some honest individuals to help sort out this darkness & exploitation. Verbally we agreed with agent to pay cash, but they're trying to collect $12,000++ & still no benefit to us. What do you say?

  9. Solar is sucking up tax revenues and is an economically unsustainable virtue signalling gimmick at this point. You just proved it.

  10. This is very good. Thanks for sharing! A solar company has approached me about our home (which is a great candidate for producing power) and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Id like to know if we receive the tax credit in a lump sum check. Also the loan is 25 years which seems crazy. When I see the cost of the solar panels 3 years ago to now, the price has fallen so much. I wonder how cheap panels will get in 3 more years. Regardless we will be saving money, so we may end up going solar as well.

  11. What's the cost of removing the panels when you replace your shingles? Maybe you should have done a long life steel roof.

  12. Nice work Matt, I enjoy all of your video topics, you do an excellent job communicating the benefits of your solar install…thanks for all the great videos!

  13. We got our panels the summer of 2019, and the size of the system was based on our usage when we were spending our weekdays at the office. When Covid hit and drove us both into working from home it made our usage jump quite a bit. But we're still seeing a savings on our power bill that's bigger than the cost of our loan payments, so that's a relief.

  14. I'm trying to help people around the world to go to use all wood material and plastic material to use around their house and no using tools to make iligale sand houses somebody might get hurt and the places that don't have nothing give all your used tires to Africa to make sandals and they will stay a cool body temperiture .

  15. Out of curiosity, has your utility company given you any grief on your lower bills? Did they send a technician to your home to inspect thinking something was wrong?

  16. I hope you remember that solar panels don't work at night. Therefore must be backed up with the same amount of power you are producing meaning there is no reduction of carbon footprint.
    Also the only people who can enjoy these credits are homeowners. Meaning those who live in apartments are subsidizing those who are better off.

  17. im curious why pay it off slowly rather than paying it off the bat ? just curious im clueless when it comes to finance

  18. The government subsidises solar.
    In real dollars solar wouldn't sell if people had to pay the full cost

  19. I'd like to know what happens when you have to replace your roof. How much does it add to the cost?

  20. We just signed up for a loan for 26 panels that are supposed to generate approx 10Kw. Paying the loan off early for us is not worth because A) we might move and B) we are locked into only a 2% interest rate.

  21. My biggest question on solar panels is what happens when you need to replace the roof . All the panels must have to come off.

  22. What about property valuation and increase in property taxes?

  23. Yikes! I paid 24k (18k after fed rebates) for a 12.24kW system with Tesla. Installing tomorrow. ?‍♂️?‍♂️

  24. well then no wonder us australians are so into solar energy, the sun is roasting on us 100% of the year lol never saw this kind of solar commitment in the midwest where i grew up

  25. Geez,
    Here in Australia it's about $2300 for 6.6kw after rebates.

  26. Economics $148 a month MORE PAY PANEL LOAN. Only saving $50 on your electric bill per month So you're actually paying $100 MORE per MONTH for panels. NOT economically N balanced economically cost you more

  27. Have you considered adding a wind turbine to get that winter storm energy and also cover your energy consumption in the night? ?

  28. Would be cool to see a breakdown how you achieve that high consumption numbers and if there are options to fix it.

    Solar isn't "for free" since solar panels are also requiring large amounts of CO2 to be produced.

  29. Look at the big picture and total carbon footprint. I was a huge fan of wind and solar for the last 50 years but the mfg and disposal is a major pollution problem now. We need to design for less energy consumption and come up with a better system.

  30. Fantastic video! We live in Hopewell NJ. We have had solar for almost 8 years. We bought the system outright which takes your big # of borrowing the money for the loan right out of the picture. Our house sits perfectly South. Absolutely optimal for our solar efficiency needs. We have no trees. No shade. We overproduce like pretty much everyone and sell our SREC’s right back on our account set up online. Our system has more than already paid for itself and now for the next 20+ years my roof is going to make me a lot of money. I forgot that the price of the Kw goes up every year! That’s how spoiled I am by our solar system. Dirty panels are a non issue. Rain and especially snow make them squeaky clean when it rumbles off the roof after a nice 10” storm which does happen maybe once per winter. I got a new roof about 5 years after the solar installation but I negotiated the removal and reinstallation of the panels into the deal @ No Charge. Yup. Sure did. Saved myself $5000.00 Make sure your roof is relatively new or replace your roof before you add the panels. Or do what I did if you can. Solar for us has been a runaway hit. Now I need a Tesla power wall or two and we will be 100% off the grid! Add in a electric car and we’ll that would be Nirvana. ✌️

  31. With superconducter and solar panels worlds energy would be solved ?

  32. Had solar since 2018. I am on my 2nd inverter failure and right now my system is useless. Tesla tech support couldn’t care less. So much for trying to save the environment. Update: inverter replaced 7/22/21 for 2nd time since 2018. I was down for 2 months but Storm Watch worked durning the Fl hurricane.

  33. Florida passed a law, you can't cut off the grid. Now if you do get solar and sell back… you are mandated to pay "Maintenance" fee that's going to add drastically over the years. Also California's power grid is bankrupt and taxes for being solar. Politicians will ensure these major power companies tax people to upkeep their wreckless unsustainable spending.

  34. Great video, thanks Matt. I will get my solar array in a year from now, looking forward to seeing how it works out.

  35. Matt – Nice video. A couple of concerns I have with solar. It is not practical. If you move, or get a divorce or whatever, an 18 year ROI is a huge leap of faith. If you get a job somewhere else and have to move, your investment is gone. The point obviously is, do you want to be locked into your home. Also, has the install of solar panels degraded the value of your home or increased it? I honestly don't know the answer. Thank you for being forthcoming with the numbers. I am not sold due to the government subsidy. I can possibly see solar as a better option south of the Mason Dixon line but not in the northeast.

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