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In this video I will be using a car alternator in combination with an old bicycle in order to create my own electrical energy. Along the way I will show you how a car alternator works and how we can use it with a bike. That includes electrical and mechanical modifications in order to reach the best output performance of the alternator. At the end I will then show you how much power I was able to create and whether I could power my home with it. Let’s get started!

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2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats

0:00 Project overview
1:39 Intro
2:12 Initial tests
3:39 Bike modifications
5:17 Creating a wood construction for the bike
6:10 The problem with the exciter coil
7:43 First proper tests with the bike
8:30 Alternator regulator modification
9:13 Final test & verdict




  1. I had the same set up 30 years ago, it gave me crappy lighting, a radio (if i didn't turn the volume up too high), a circular saw and i even managed to get a washing machine to work by charging two batteries and putting 24v into the motor. The washing machine was more effort to charge the batteries than if i had washed it by hand and the saw would only cut in short bursts and need a pause to regain enough speed. It was all good fun and kept me fit.

  2. If you convert your house to dc perhaps. On ac not a chance, too much waste in the dc to ac conversion.

  3. It takes around 3 hp to turn an alternator in order to get substantial amperage out of it there’s no way a person would have the strength to operate an alternator at it’s higher current rating.

  4. Doesnt the three prong plug have power ground and one needs to have 12volts to it for it to tell it that its running and for alternator to work

  5. Switch to a washing machine motor …you will hit 600w+….I like your videos and I don't want you to ride for 14 years

  6. This is what I was looking for so my 7 year old can do some exercise to play on her pc

  7. Ppl do to much. He could have just flipped the bike upside down instead of making a big elaborate mounting system.

  8. I enjoyed your video. I always wondered how much voltage and wattage I could create using something similar. Thank you very much.

  9. A car alternator actually puts out 14 volts, not 12, but that said, even if you can produce the wattage you need, I'm not aware of any house that has a 12 to 14 volt DC electrical system, so you would still need an inverter to get the desired voltage, (and convert it to AC), further reducing your power output. Given your accent, I am assuming you're somewhere in Europe and your home uses a 220 volt system, so you have to go about twice as high as I would in the US, where most appliances, except for an electric stove, or clothes dryer run on 120 volts

  10. I tried this last year and found I couldn’t pedal fast enough to get the alternator to kick on and produce anything. I have tried several other gimmicks promoted in similar videos and have found most of them are pie-in-the-sky hoaxes.

  11. The cow does not give milk easily. 1440 watts… Back to photovoltaics, tks for your GREAT ideo (and determination).

  12. You can power an electric motor with a 12v that will move the belt and turn the alternator and charge the battery, should keep the system running indefinitely, you can hook up 2 alternators on the belt system one to power the electric motor and the other for a power converter to power what ever you need powered.

  13. I seen a video years back where someone built their own type of turbine to power his home. I remember he used magnets pushing against each other to start the centrifical motion, it was only about 2ft X 2ft and it built up enough speed to power his home, the guy seemed super excited for what he created and was even talking about putting it into cars. Then that person along with his invention disappeared

  14. I tried this when I was a kid, because the Ghostbusters cartoon showed them making enough power to run a ghost-containment system with a bicycle and a '59 Cadillac alternator. Found out, pretty quickly, that you'll die of exhaustion before you make useful power. Stupid, lying, Saturday-mornng cartoons.

  15. also, if your bike wheel is going 300-400rpm, then you can just add the big wheel to the small motor shaft to get like 1200rpm, im kinda confused why you didn't do that.

  16. Is it possible to create an Electric motor with enough power to power an Auto and run an alternator that will put back what energy is being used. If it can be done, I believe you have the Knowledge.

  17. Wow I thought it's was an easy thing to generate electricity with induction motor I almost buy some neodymium magnet to fit into the rotator motor without a single thought of how tough it will be to cut into it
    Moreover with such low voltage output I would have been a furious idiot of being naive to think of how simple it will be…
    Thanks Scott for saving me time and resources…
    Lucky me uooof

  18. A permanent magnet brushless motor is much more efficient, especially at low RPMs. You can get a small PMBLDC motor with a planetary gear already attached on eBay.
    You will still only be able to charge a cell phone.

  19. Make life easier
    Get a self exciting large case GM alternator ad244. Doesn't need to have a hot wire to "excite" it
    Produce current around 800rpm too
    Aaaand. They can be found in 145 amp versions too. In my area they are COMMON AND CHEAP

  20. You should use an old car generator it will start producing power at a lower RPM and you can charge 12 volt car batteries and then hook up a inverter to produce AC current then when the battery gets low you can pedal the bike
    For about a half an hour and charge the battery backup.

  21. You have to conet a 12v power ( vatery to de alternator, is a alternator not a generator,

  22. biggest to biggest gear gives a midrange ratio. biggest gear to smallest gear gives highest ratio (on the mountain bike)

  23. jeden pin je řízené buzení ,což je novinka oproti pernamentnímu u starých systémů a druhý pin je otáčkoměr 😀

  24. měl jsi použít zvednutí jako u motocyklu,případně nejsnadněji středový stojan 🙂 navíc použití řemenu je blbost,kdybys nechal pneumatiku,a ta by poháněla kolo alternátoru,ušetřil by sis dost starostí a hlavně bys kolo mohl i normálně používat…

  25. Even though it is not much useful…but going through the project was much interesting….👏👏👏

  26. Alternators are a fantastic piece of technology but you need something that will spin the alternator without human physical effort. I mean maybe 1-2 hours a day for exercise is good but it needs to run 24/7 or to keep a big battery full or 80% charged. Also you will have to run multiple alternators to put more power back in than what you're using.

  27. How the fuck can a DIY channel with 1.5M subs not know that the fastest driven gear is the one with the smallest amount of teeth?

  28. Can be possible generate electrical energy using compressed air or make a car run using air compressor?

  29. If I had a gym where everyone was
    Actually powering my generator,and
    I was selling energy back to the grid
    Would I hand out discounts to my

  30. Um, use the fan motor of a car instead. Also, remove back wheel and use concrete to turn it into a balanced flywheel then remount it. Also, use tension device on drive belt to keep it on. You could probably take the pully gear off of the alternator and mount it on the fan axle.

    This should bring you closer to your goal. 😉

    Flywheel how to:

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