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Jamie shows Will his latest project: a hybrid electric outboard motor that he put together to replace the traditional loud gas motor of a speedboat. Jamie explains the advantages of this motor system and how its custom power supply compares to that in hybrid and electric cars.




  1. Is there a test video? I get it and follow all the maths and calcs, but I want to see it…. Please

  2. Hi, Jamie. Who, if not you could do something with Tesla's Point Zero, or Zero Point free energy. Exxon Mobil? Well, that would be like asking Budweiser to give out free beer for everybody.

  3. I'd love to scale this up to replace an old 125hp 2-stroke outboard that doesn't run right anymore. May be a cool project idea, since I already have the boat and the outboard! Just need to find a scrapyard Tesla! Imagine pulling a boat up to a supercharger station and plugging in your boat? 🙂

  4. Very nice, electric motor outboard…30hp, 60hp, 100hp or 250hp….at 150,000rpm torque drive electric motor….and very quite most advance highspeed technology…

  5. do you have a cooling system for your battery, you could use the engine cooling pump from the previous system to pump water through the battery to keep it from overheating.

  6. Every day, I find new tested videos I've never seen before

  7. this motor came out of a car? nonsense.. this is a typical forklift motor, which was then used by an electric car conversion company. see for yourself, go to and search for "forklift motor".. forklift motors come in several makes and models, but this is a typical forklift motor. these motors are typically designed to run on 36 volts(three 12volt car batteries in series), but they will run just fine on a single 12 volt car batter(only slower rpm).. there are also several videos here on youtube about forklift motors. note: if you want to use a DC controller, there is a line of DC controllers made by "curtis" which can be seen here on youtube and can be purchased on ebay.

    i have watched many videos here on yt where these motors are used to re-motor cars, and they perform quite well.. they basically just remove the car engine and mount this type of motor directly up to the transmission..

  8. I really like Jamie, wish we could see him more these days, but I think he's a bit camera shy

  9. This boat will go about 3 miles at half throttle before the battery is completely dead – and that tiny little Honda generator only makes about 20 watts… So it'll take an entire day to charge the battery.
    I hope his video shoots on the water are very short!

  10. great and all but this video sucks wothout footage of it on the water and top speed

  11. Per Jamie’s information,the motor is 30 to 40 horsepower. That’s 27,500 watts (1hp=750watts) at 30 hp. The battery is 75 volts 36 amp hours, or 2700 watt hours. At 75 volts, the motor will draw 300 amps making the run time about 7.2 minutes. Not a good run time. Even if he used a 10 amp charger, he’s looking at 3.5 hours to charge for 7 minutes of use. Not to mention if the battery pack can withstand a 300 amp draw.
    That’s why they didn’t show it working. It’s a battery melt down waiting to happen.

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