[ http://www.ankaka.com/robot-lawn-mower-automatic-electric-robomower-no-gas-need-no-noise_p1071.html ]

Automatically cuts your lawn for you.
Electric mower = no need to buy gas + no noise.

Quiet electric powered mower – good for the environment and saves money since you do not need to buy gas.
Safety auto stop when mower blades are not facing down.
Mulching system compacts grass into small clippings that decompose naturally on the lawn, improving your lawn’s health while lightening your workload.
If you find that you need additional perimeter wire, we recommend using 14 gauge THHN solid copper wire found in your local hardware store.
As with all mower type cutting blades, applying occasional spray lubricant and seasonal sharpening will prolong life and performance of the blades

[ http://www.ankaka.com/robot-lawn-mower-automatic-electric-robomower-no-gas-need-no-noise_p1071.html ]

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