After a long wait the all-wheel drive Automowers are finally here in North America just in time for the 2020 mowing season! What is so special about the new 435X AWD and 535 AWD Automowers? How about the fact they do not look anything like what we are used to when it comes to Automowers! The main reason for this different style is that these mowers articulate. And that to the benefit of all-wheel drive and now you can understand why these mowers were so anticipated. You can find more 435X Automower videos on our Robotic Mower Services channel here on YouTube.

Where to purchase a 435X Automower:

If you are looking to purchase a Husqvarna Automower, Automower parts & accessories, or if you are in need of technical support, please visit or send an email to

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  1. That type of grass or weeds doesn’t need to be mowed. It will look better if you let it grow up to make look like a jungle .

  2. Too bad it don’t lay stripes lol. Just aimlessly ping pongs around a yard cutting it

  3. My automower is up to 93 hours, just a baby. How many hours has you oldest lasted? Husqvarna says they are good for 10+ years, but do they really know that? The 2010 models are a lot different than the current ones. Are those ones still around? And the hours per week or year could vary a lot by user. Thoughts?

  4. How to collect cut grass in one place. Do we need to move around to collect cutted grass and place it in bag?

  5. Most people cut the grass walking behind the mower, how will you keep this from being stolen when not watched?

  6. This one will be my replacement model. Only problem is my 450x refuses to do a bad job or stop working.

  7. What's the price on these? My 450X decided to lose connection last July and I've not been able to control it with my phone since

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