Choosing the right robotic lawn mower for your situation is not always easy. There are a few things to look at such as max cut height, max yard size, ease of battery replacement and total cost. We take a closer look at the more affordable Worx Landroid models and compare them to the Husqvarna Automower that we have been using for the past few years.

While the cost of these mowers can far exceed a push or even a riding lawn mower, robot mowers can be huge time savings for busy families.



  1. I can understand using Husqvarna for commercial sites, golf courses etc, but its features are probably more than what an average person needs.
    I’d rather purchase 2x Landroid than a single Husqvarna for the prices they’re at now. The user replaceable battery on Worx is a win! If you want a faster initial cut for the season, just have an extra battery ready.

  2. Are you still happy with the Landroid? I am about to pull the trigger on one (will ultimately need 2).

  3. Hey, I recently bought a Worx M1000 sadly regret it. Everything would be nice if not the ruts / visible wheel prints at the side ramps caused by the cable returning to the base. Unfortunately, this model does not allow you to return to the base at different distances from the cable or return with spiral movements. These ruts / grooves look so ugly that in my opinion it disqualifies this job which is a pity because I would give him very high marks.

  4. The robots is not pet-safe, if the dog lay down with the tail out it will get cut, several dogs go to the vet every year cuz of it.

  5. Just wanted to say: had a problem with Landroid after rinsing the wheels with water. The keyboard stopped working. Remedy: REMOVE the battery IMMEDIATELY so that no more electricity flows and wait until everything has dried up. Then we went again. Recommendation; be careful when rinsing, especially from below. The keyboard connector should not be adequately protected against water. I will look at it when the opportunity arises and seal it accordingly.

  6. My first landroid's front sensor went and the machine could only spin in circles. Too expensive to ship to the U.S. for repairs so sold it to someone who can fix it themself. My new worx arrives tomorrow and I am excited. Just loved the first one and if the new model works as well I will be thrilled.

  7. We have an automower, our neighbours have a landroid. I can see their landroid getting stuck sometimes and the tires creating muddy places in the lawn. The neighbour has to go out sometimes looking frustrated. While I can just sit in the house and relax.

    We have a automower 430x, which is much more cheap than the 450x, it costs like around 2000 dollars.

    Yes, the automower 430x is still more expensive than their landroid. But I definetely think it is worth it. If you invest, I think it is better to do it good, then to get half a solution which is creating bad places and frustration when your mower is stuck again. If I didnt have the money, I would rather wait and safe a few years, than buying a Landroid!

  8. I have a Worx. The main problem with this mower is that it has to follow the "
    boundary wire" (is that the correct name) when going back to the dock. Husqvarna uses a guide cable. Always following the "boundary wire" creates track marks in your lawn at best and trenches if you are unlucky.
    I'm buying a Husqvarna for this season.

  9. I have the Worx Landroid L, which does 1/2 an acre and mows up to 4 inches. I have turf type tall fescue, so it was very important that the mower cut at 4 inches. Either it could do 4 inches, or I wouldn't buy it.

    The Landrooid isn't perfect by a longshot, although I still like it. At least once a day, it crosses the boundary wire and stops. It's not smart enough to say, "Hmmm…a second ago I was in the boundary. Let me back up half a foot and see if I find it.". A software update should easily fix this. It's pretty good with hills, as my lawn isn't perfectly flat. It's never had an issue with moderately steep hills. Surprisingly, however, it's gotten stuck in soft dirt where it will just spin its wheels and think that it's moving. It's not smart enough to realize when its wheels are spinning but it's not actually moving.

    This brings me to my next point. All four wheels should spin. This would allow it to not get stuck, which happens at least once every two days. Fine if you're working from home like I am right now. I get up, save it and it keeps going. But ideally, you'd like to be able to have this run for weeks on end without any intervention. Four wheel drive would go a LONG way toward fixing this.

    There are other things I'd like to say, but don't want this to be super long. Long story short, these devices aren't perfect.

  10. Really nice video. I like your stuff.
    I bought a house with a Husqvarna 450 system installed.
    What they don't tell you is it's supposed to be serviced every year to change the seals and waterproof it. Where I am in Europe that's €180 a year.
    The batteries last about 4 years and cost around €400 although I changed mine with a third party battery for a lot less
    I didn't have mine serviced: I didn't know you were supposed to and when it died at 10 years after a lot of tutting from the service guy about people not looking after their machine, he gave me a quote for €1800+ labour so I just left the thing with him. (Note I did clean the machine thoroughly myself at the end of each season at least and assumed it was all sealed for life.)
    So if you service according to the book (and I've checked and Husqvarna do recommend you service every year) and change the batteries every 4 years, you are looking at over €2600 in running costs over 10 years although your prices where you are may well vary. Still, it's an expensive hobby to own one of these.
    Otherwise, it dod a good job except it does cut a bit short for my taste and it did produce a bit more moss than I would like.
    A couple of other things. If you've got kids you have to make sure they don't leave anything on the lawn like blankets, books etc and especially if you have a dog that likes to take things to the lawn for a chew- shoes for instance.
    The dog also never tired of watching it from the bushes and then attacking it. It never did the machine of the dog any harm and was quite good fun to watch however. The dog also managed to cut through the perimeter wire a few times just by running around. It was buried but as he ran his claws would dig in and catch it.
    Kids are more of a problem. Not mine who were used to it but kids who came to visit. If it happened to be running they would invariably try to sit on it for a ride which did it no good whatsoever.
    Hope this adds to your excellent video.
    For all that the Worx interests me as I have some Worx stuff and it's very good so thanks again for the video. I would like to know how it faired and anything about servicing. At least I can see the batteries are easy to change.

  11. I own an L1500 and after a year I think for a regular garden it's useless, requires human intervention several times a day. It leaves the wire with no reason then stops with error message, or gives "mower lifted" error because there's a 1cm deep pit which is normal I guess in a garden which you use or if you have a dog. Firmware is getting worse and worse with updates leading to more full stops per day. Works fine if you had a perfect garden and the cut quality is excellent but for most of us it simply does not do the job as it's not capable to work on its own. I deeply regret my decision to purchase a Landroid, now I probably replace it with a Husqvarna.

  12. Thanks for the great review. Maybe you could answer my question since I can’t find this info anywhere.
    What’s the maximum distance the robot can be away from the charging station? The furthest distance in my lawn from station to furthest grass corner is like 25-27 meters. Will the robot still work then? Do you have experience with this? Thank you! And keep up the good work!

  13. You should not be working your lawn at night. Always water before 2p.m. Watering at night promotes insects and disease…

  14. Have thrown away my worx after 2 years of use. There was always something wrong with it. Either sensor or display. Was finding it stuck all the time in new places. It was bought new 2017. Perhaps unlucky me, but never again

  15. Excellent review. I'd like a robot without boundary wire. On a rectangular garden with enclosed walls boundary wire should be necessary.
    Any idea on it will become a reality?

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