In this episode of Automower Answers we talk about the dreaded flashing blue light on the charging station and “No Loop” error. Any time someone sees the flashing blue light or sees a NO LOOP error on their mower or phone their stress level automatically rises as they they wonder where the problem could be and how they are going to find it. So in this video we show you where to start when you run into this problem. We also show you how to simplify the the process of finding the source of your NO LOOP error.

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  1. I have a green light, no broken wire as ended up replacing it all, starts charging around it charging matt and eventually starts then stops again and says no loop signal. Any ideas? Surely not power cable if light is green?

  2. Our flashing blue light after install was the guide wire connector/splicer – where it connects to the perimeter wire. For whatever reason, it didn't work. We replaced it with our own splicer.

  3. Anyone any experience with no light at all?

    The automower will not charge, and I have no light at the diode in the charging station.

  4. I am getting 28v at power supply into station, but on 6 or 7 volts at the poles out to the loop, that scenario isn’t addressed in your video. Any ideas??

  5. Anyone any experience with a dead base station? 28.0v in ok but only putting out 5.0v from L to Guide 1V between R and guide 0V between L and R. Flymo 1200r….just turned 2 years old!!

  6. Ya baby! Thanks!!!! …my "no loop signal" was a not-properly-plugged-in charging cable ))) whoohooo!!!! Thanks!!!!

  7. I'm working through trouble-shooting my 450x – one question I haven't readily found the answer to – if there is a break in the guidewire (not the boundary wire), would I get the anxiety-inducing blinking blue light? Or does a break in the guidewire still allow the mower to run? I've been using a multimeter to test chunks of the mowing areas and everything seems okay except for the charging station (admittedly my steps on testing were pretty much backward to your recommended steps!)

  8. I have a mower thst works sometimes. I have not been able to find any breaks. The no cable signal is on most of the time, but then once in a while there is signal again. Any thoughts on that?
    I looked into the secret service menu, and the test says that there is no cable signal there either.

  9. I have a flashing blue light on my 430x. I couldn't find a break.
    I even ran a fresh wire around another section and got the same flashing blue light. I tested the wire for continuity. 4.5 ohms for 250metres. I have 28v at my transformer but across the terminals for the boundary wire I only get 20v. I suspect the board may be faulty. Its frustrating and it has been a great machine until now.
    Any suggestions?

  10. hi.Have flashing red light on my charging station. How to fix it? it's problem of inside or can clean the cable attack?

  11. We had an accident with the weed trimmer; the power supply wire got wrapped up in the spool and caused the positive and ground wires to twist and touch each other so I assumed it fried my power supply. There was no light on the base station; so after testing the power supply it was reading 28.05, not fried; happy moment!
    When inspecting the power cord at the base station I found the issue was only the wires pulled back out of the connector but not all the way so it was not obvious at first glance; another happy moment!
    I could have found this if I started with checking wire integrity before power tests.

  12. I get a flashing blue light with one boundary wire loop connection disconnected but when I have both boundary wire loop connectors connected to the base station the LED does not light up at all? The mower shows the no loop error but the base station LED is not illuminated at all. Please help! Thanks

  13. So I assume you cn not use the guide wire to help narrow down the issue on the 310 ?

  14. One other hint for the tone tester. Get a tester with a sensor on the end of long wire. Mount the sensor at the end of a wooden dowel (I used duct tape). Now no bending down just walk the line.

  15. If you're happy that your charging station, low voltage cable and power supply are all working properly, there's an easy way of finding a break in the wire. Get a small radio (what used to be known as a "transistor radio" years ago). Disconnect one side of the perimeter wire from the charging station. Set the tuning to AM on the radio, tune it to a place on the dial where it's not picking up any signal and hold it close to the boundary wire that's still connected. You'll hear a buzzing sound. Now follow that boundary wire from the charging station, holding the radio close to the ground. The buzzing noise will stop close to the break in the wire. The boundary wire that comes with an automower is effectlively an antenna….this method of finding a break simply makes use of that. 🙂

  16. I also just did a really short loop from guide wire right and left then saw a green light so i knew my station and charger was good.

  17. Thanks Dude! You had my problem figured out at the circuit breaker; such an obvious thing but didn't think of it!!!

  18. Hi, I'm having a flashing blue light on my Husqvarna Automow 105 and went around the lawn with an AM radio and signal looks fine. Tested the power supply on both ends as per your instructions and outputs 27.8V so that looks alright. However testing the boundary wire connectors on the charging station only gives 25V. Is that enough ? Could that be it ? There were some thunderstorms in the area last week and I got the issue since then so I'm fearing the charging station got a power surge somehow… Thanks for replying.

  19. Thank you for this video. I got out the multi-meter and found that my 450x has a dead power supply after 1 year.

  20. wish I would have found this before I walked and tested my whole acre + yard. Problem as with the power supply. not plugged in properly
    Skippy (my mower) is back on the job

  21. Thank you! I found the break just by taking a walk along the perimeter wire with an AM radio on MW tuning in for the "woodpecker" signal. Took off one connection on the perimeter wire and walked out from the one connected. Works best with radio perpendicular to the wire.

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