In this video I will be showing you how I converted this old alternator into a motor for my electric go kart. The only reason I chose this alternator is because it only costed me $20 and it was still in fairly good condition (any 3-phase alternator should work!). I I ended up wiring this motor in a delta configuration. Originally I was planning on comparing the motor when wired in a WYE configuration vs the motor wired in a delta configuration but I will need a more powerful battery pack before I can do so.

Speed controller I used (Item # SPD-481500BLDC):

Foot throttle (Item # THR-89):


5/8″ Weld-On hub:


A Bouquet Of Roses – Dj Quads

Music provided by Argofox:
Viilo – Starry Night

Vexento – Space Ride





  1. Your neighborhood's lack of traditional intersections seems to be made for a makeshift race track.

  2. hi bro, thanks for you vid, my doubt is if I excitate the coals with a lithium battery and power the controller with acid batteries could make any diference, I need to check if my phases winding are correct or any bad contact wires too cause engine is not working

  3. I would like to know the efficiency aspect and its torque/power aspect it relationship to its amperage out put while originally an alternator.
    How fast would it go and how long did it run? I think you answered them long it ran… (10 minutes.)

  4. Good idea, tho the car starter makes a better high torque motor for a go kart and doesn't need a brushless speed controller to run it.

  5. Interesting note – the next (6G) generation of this alternator has closer iron bars on the stator, which means 4ish mm wide hall sensors will not fit between them. I'm considering mounting small button magnets on the fingers to trigger them mounted on the case instead rather than cutting into the bars to mount them. Anyone have photos or videos of successfully doing that?

  6. i found a gigantic alternator from a truck for 80 bucks. i should get way faster with it???

  7. Hey dude i have a question. I want to build this too! And i want a stronger motor.. and i searched for Truck alternators! I can find gigantic alternators.. are they producing more power and can i go faster with them or they only have more torque? Greets and thanks for this nice video, Max.

  8. Nicely done. A word about fuses from an EE – the presence of a 40A fuse does not tell you that the current did not exceed 40A. Many 40A fuses would not fail until the current reached 60A for a long time or 80A for a brief time. Perhaps you could install an ammeter to confirm this if your batteries have a current limitation! Its good to see the fuse there as protection from a wiring short but they are not much help with overloads unless you use a lower current fuse of known failure characteristics.

  9. Tried this but my alternator turns very slowly (with little torque). Do you think this is more likely a problem with a corroded old alternator or just my electrical setup?

  10. Bro this is awesome, nissan makes a car fuga over here m35 and m45 over there, the alternators are cheap and strong, 150A for a factory alt 2nd hand. 150A would crank on this kart.

  11. What are the tooth counts on the sprockets? The axle sprocket looks really large.

  12. This looks like a great project, I never thought to use an old alternator às a power plant for a go-kart. Now that I've seen this video, NEXT PROJECT for me and my son I'm certain he'll be quite enthused with this idea. Thanks for the video man great job!!

  13. Lmao I LOVE how 18650 batteries are turning out to be the answer to everything these days. Nothing wrong with that by any means!

  14. Does it matter what pole you fast the red and black wires to on the brush?

  15. Great job! One complaint: Nowhere can I locate a controller that is designed for use with both brushed and unbrushed motors! I copied the PN# from the one you are using on this video but it (or any other) does not come up on any Google search. HELP?

  16. Where did you buy the spindles, wheels driveshaft and steering bits to build this go-cart? I live in Canada like you and am having a hard time finding these items at reasonable prices in Canada. Any help would be appreciated.

  17. hi YouTube i have a trike that has a 1500 watt controller at 48 volt but it does not seem to work but when i hook it up to 250 watts it does work but i wanna use 1500 watts what do i do??

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