1. Hello sir, I using 3 Nema 23 approximatively 3amp each with driver tb 6560. For the power supply, I happened to have pick up a 12V 30 amp. Would it worked ?

  2. can nema 17 take 24 v? Or is the voltage regulated to match my motor by the driver

  3. Be careful using those TB6560 modules. The data sheet specifically calls for the 5v logic to be applied to the chip first and be allowed to settle before the motor voltage (24v or more) is applied to the chip. Those module derive the logic voltage from the higher voltage using a 7805 thus compromising the power-up sequence. There have been reports of failed chips as a result. The problem can be resolved with a modification of the power circuitry.

  4. buonasera volevo sapere se il disegno dei collegamenti lo hai fatto con fritzing. se si mi puoi passare il componente TB 6560 V2.0 DRIVER . Grazie

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