1. The video is useless – "when it reaches zone 2" – HOW? Worx are catastrophically bad at explaining this whole area, as exemplified by their stupid answer below. The option to run a single wire around both separate sections and carry the device between them, should at leats have been mentioned. The absence of a proper simple solution to the separate front and rear garden scenario (which is surely very common) is a real failing.

  2. So, I have 3 zones and I set zone 3 at 100%. Why the robot still works on the other two zones ignoring my settings?

  3. SO, if you considering zoning with this mower. Its not going to happen. The mower sneaks out of each zone and you'll waste all the time you thought you were saving having a robot mower trying to adjust the wire so it doesn't. But eventually it does.

  4. What if you have two completely isolated sections. One on each side of the driveway?

  5. does it mean two charging base for two parts if they are not connected together?

  6. How does the robot know if it is in one or another zone as it has no GPS? Is this accurate?

  7. Is this supported on the UK 2019 models?
    I don't see anything in the manuals or the demo mode on the app.

  8. This feature does not currently work (FW 2.82). The robot just keeps on "zone training" when if you are finished. It doesn't register the zones.

  9. I seriously expected this to kind of work enough to make real mowing easier but wow… This thing does great.>>>t.co/Ep6sZTPcda  I will not need to mow at all anymore.

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