Anti-collision system installation and test on WORX Landroid WR142E robotic lawnmower.



  1. Hi i have a question. I have a turtle 10 cm high. Do you think the ACS could detect her. I want to buy a worx product but i want to be sure my turtle doesn't encounter any risk. Thanks in advance for your reply and great video

  2. @Trafegon is typical word of the venetian dialet that means "someone that do a lot of jobs mostrly in a illegal/not completely legal way"

  3. Hello, can you tell me what is the minimum height of underpass (under bench or table)? I have some low profile furniture on my lawn and I am wondering if the robot with ACS will mow under it or is the ACS will detect it as an obstacle. Thank you!

  4. Nice video! Looks like a worthwhile add-on. The packaging seemed excessive, though. I'd like to see Worx use more environmentally-friendly packaging and put the cost savings (the current packaging must be expensive) into upgrading the LED screen, which is underwhelming.

  5. Thank you so much for the videos, they've been most useful.
    I do have one question though, if I buy the WORX Landroid WR142E robotic lawnmower with the ACS too, do I have to still lay the perimeter wire?

  6. Salve, io ho un labrador e vorrei sapere come si comporta il robot con le sue feci se mi dimentico di raccoglierle. Grazie

  7. How is robot performing 10 months later? Small review what you like, what issues – problems you had?

  8. Can I use ACS without wire? I have a solid fence around and no power outlet in my garden, so I am looking an alternative way. Thanks

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