In this video I will be taking a look at the Automower 315X by Husqvarna. The automower 315X is a robotic lawn mower that can handle yards up to 0.4 acres. While robot lawnmowers are gaining traction in the US, they have been a big hit in the EU. With the soon to be released iRobot Terra (roomba for your lawn) competition in the robot lawn mower space is sure to get heated. The robotic lawn mower by Husqvarna is a great tool for anyone’s toolbox for great lawn care.

All automowers work in the rain, which allows for your lawn to always look great. They all also feature a pin code required to access the robot and a loud alarm if tampered with. The automowers are very quiet, allowing for operation at night without disturbing you or your neighbors.

The video will go over several features of the Husqvarna robotic lawn mower and highlight major advantages of the robot.

I personally recommend going through a local Husqvarna shop for the best installation results.

Check out my 1 year review of the Automower 315X:

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Husqvarna Automower 315X: Robot Lawn Mower – First Look & Review :

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  1. Let me know below how you feel about robotic lawn mowers and if you plan on embracing our robot overlords or fighting them until the very end!

  2. I like to see a version of this that does away with the guide/boundary wires and just lets you program in target/boundary areas based on GPS coordinates. Should be possible with a combination of GPS, cameras, other built-in sensors, and smart AI software, right?

  3. Excellent review. I plan to buy your model or the 430x. I have a pool, the lawn is next to the pool, that has a 10 inch / 25 cm boarder at the same hight as the lawn. How accurate is the wire? I do not want to drive the mower intro the pool…

  4. Ive had the 430X and my lawn is like Turf, a Golf course turf. We own our own Landscaping Comp and we install these as well.

    Me & my husband just LOVE our Husqvarna 430X. It's amazing. So many perks to owning a Husqvarna Automatic Mower….. Just ask and I'll tell you.

    If you reside in the Myrtle Beach SC area please send me an email and let's get your yard in tip top and get you an Husqvarna Automatic Mower
    LisaMichele 1968 at Gmail

    Stay healthy and happy !

    Lisa ?

  5. Damn just found you through Discord. YOu did an amazing job on this video. Keep up the good work! Just subbed!

  6. Never new I needed to watch a video about a killer rumba :P. Great video and vary informative.

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