AIA technology makes Landroid mow your lawn much more efficiently than conventional robotic lawn mowers. The most agile robot mower in the market, it easily goes through narrow passages where others don’t dare.



  1. Reminds me of those old "DVD" logos that would bounce around the TV. I would order this product if I could program mowing patterns.

  2. At 21 seconds, you can see that the Landroid also did not cut the whole area and shows gaps, but then they start fading in the darker "cut" grass so that it looks like it cut the whole yard.

  3. I don't regard this as intelligent navigation as it still mow the lawn in an inefficient way and needs to traverse a far longer distance and use more time and battery in a random pattern compared to the case if the mower would use the same moving pattern as a person mowing a lawn systematically in an efficient pattern. Even without gps, the mower should be able to find out the geometry of the lawn by memorizing the shape the boundary wire makes and where it finds blocking things in its way. When it is turning, it should count the number of turns each wheel is making. The principles for navigation without seeing is known as 'dead reckoning'

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