Husqvarna 430X Automower vs. Stihl RMI632P iMOW! Which one is the better machine for your lawn and for the money? The robotic lawn mowers will add a new dimension to the classic Husqvarna vs Stihl rivalry. But as you may soon find out, it’s really not a close race at all. In this chapter of their rivalry comes down to experience…. and one company has over 10 years more experience in the robotic mower business than the other and it definitely shows when comparing the features and function of each OEM’s product.

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  1. Old video, but you do get a iMow 632c (connected and has the same spec on area) AND a new Husqvarna 305 (*edit* 115H if you don't get the 305 in the US) for the same price as ONE 430x 😀
    But I do agree, Husqvarnas patent on the guide gives them a really good edge compared to their competitors!

  2. This information is more than a little misleading, having experience with both brands, there are some subtle differences with respect to the perimeter wire installation and how the mowers return to their charging stations, the idea that the STIHL iMow “wanders around wasting time” is false. With the STIHL iMow, you run “search loops” at a 90 degree from the perimeter wire to allow the machine to find a path back to the charging station. The 2nd point is that if the machine is setup and programmed properly, there is never a worry about having to get back to the charging station as quickly as possible so the machine can get back to work…..your yard always maintained and cut…….both brands will only cut for a little over 60 minutes at a time any way, if the machine is programmed to cut for 2 or 3 hrs each day, both charging stations have a “dynamic” charging feature ( think of a fast charge or trickle charge) if the mower is programmed to be out for a long period of time, the batteries get charged faster. As of the fall of 2019…. both brands have models that are connected and controlled via an “app”

  3. if the sthil battery is very very low it gets a radio signal from the chargingstation and does not folow the wire

  4. Sorry guy, but this argumentation shows how anybody can manipulate informations on internet. First of all start to compare relevant products – you had chosen HSQ model with GSMR a GPS connection. so to be just little bit unbiased you should use for comparation model with the same equipment from the competitor. And to the other stuff you had talking about here just one counterargument – from the practice side of enduser doesn't matter wheter machine move to the dock for little bit longer time driving around the edge of lawn, at the end machine will work automaticaly there's no need of user assistance and can't happen that will stop somwhere on the edge because of lack of energy – it knows how many energy needs to reach to dock from the worst possibble situation (btw. energy consumed just for driving with no blade operation is very low – if you let the machine just driving across the lawn to simulate mowing without blade engaged it will last driving a few times longer then in real mowing). And yes, I'm selling STIHL.

  5. 450xh if has no rain sensor than I might have to return it. Can't keep thinking of the rain all the time and keep sending it to park. In rain it does cut little bit and keep stucking.

  6. Great video, 
    Ok i was faced with the decision between the two models today at the shop here in ireland. I bought the Husqvarna 430x after a lot of consideration and i think you should do the same and here is why, the blades on the 430x are of a much better design and are proved to be a better cut, the Husqvarna has better traction and i found this out by visiting owners of both, the 430x has a much better app and can even be controlled by an iwatch, and finally Husqvarna have been crafting these mowers since 1995 so they have the experience and backup. Now don't get me wrong as i buy everything by Stihl and that won't change, but this is just not the field yet. 
    By the way don't sign up for the Husqvarna hibernation package which is €400 a year!!!! Basically the shop takes back your mower in the winter and services it along with a software update and anything else it needs "what a joke" lucky enough the lad also told me that €100 will cover the same work without that rubbish package.
    I bought the 430x from a stihl dealer who did not have anything else in the shop by Husqvarna and even he recommended it highly.

  7. Ich habe schon viele schlechte Vergleiche gesehen, aber der toppt alles! Ich hatte mich auf einen technischen Vergleich gefreut und wurde von viel Gelaber enttäuscht.Autsch – schade um die Zeit!

  8. I realize what your saying about tracks but won’t you have a track where the guide wire is in the center of your yard? I would rather have an edge than a path is the center of my yard

  9. esta claro que husqvarna es mas avanzada pero he de decir que no es factible en todos los cesped ni en todas las condiciones de hay que en canarias los tengamos un poco apartados ya que no sirven para el cesped Grama porque patinan en mojado y no traicionan bien

  10. Gotta agree with this. Everyone was saying that the iMow from Stihl and the Honda Miimo would take a lot of the market from Husqvarna. But it was all hype. If someone is saying that either of those mowers are better than an Automower then it's pretty clear that they just haven't tried the Automower. The numbers don't lie and there's plenty of support out there for these claims now.

  11. I have yet to hear anything good about the Stihl iMow here in the United States. These are some great points that need to be considered based on lawns here in the US compared to lawns in Europe

  12. I know a few people that either purchased or demo'd Stihl iMow robotic mowers and had the dealer take them back after 1 week.

  13. 632 and 422 have now a C and PC Edition for conect and Power conect and you can control it with the App and see the mower via GPS.

  14. Husqvarna has patented the guide wire system early on 1990's. They invented it and patented it. Early bird gets the worm I guess. That is why competitors cant use similar solution, and therefore they have to rely on problematic/unreliable/uneffecient techniques what comes for the mower to find the way to remote areas and back home.

    Maybe in future when GPS technology becomes accurate enough there is no need for wires at all. However it seems to me that Husqvarna is ahead in GPS also, since currently there is 3 models with GPS. But those models today still need wires. As a market leader Husqvarna gets huge amount of field data how GPS works. And will probably be the first one anyway to announce wireless GPS mower.

  15. Have to agree with this presenter, period! Husqvarna wins hands down every time. I bought one second hand and has worked perfectly!

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