This is my long term review (2 years +) of the Husqvarna Automower 450x.


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  1. I intend to buy a 420 And have a pool with a border of 25cm, similor to the borderstones in your lawn. Did you ever had an issue that it did not see the border wire en drive over it?

  2. 4 hours for a lawn that small (1/16th acre)? Can I infer that to cut an acre would then take 16 times that??? How can they say it supports up to an acre…64 hours is not reasonable….it would have to mow almost every day to keep up, wouldn't it?

  3. Nice video I do have a question I’m about to install my 430 X and I need to cut a hole in my fence to route the guide wire through and to allow the machine to move from the backyard to the front yard. I have heard conflicting reports whether you should run the guide wire through the center of the area or to 1 foot from the right because it travels to the left of the guide wire going back. Can you comment on that?

  4. Doing work in back yard and not going to be mowing the lawn there for a few weeks. So I reconfigured my boundary wires. Now, the automower 430X no longer finds the charging station that it left from and keeps running out of battery. any help recalibrating the mower? suggestions?

  5. Thanks for the in depth review! How common are robotic mowers where you live? Why are people buying them over paying someone to mow their yard ? I ask because around where I live (Tennessee, US), lawn care is inexpensive. Inexpensive being $25-$40 a week for most 1/2 to 1 acre residential lots.

  6. We had our 450x for 2 years and it runs 24/7 and mows 1.99 acres. It's set-up in three zones and all trees and gardens have 1 foot wide brick boarders and requires no trimming. We have a slope that is greater than 45 degrees and handles it with no problem. No problems! Grandson named it KaChow. You can adjust how far over the boundary wire so it trims edges better.

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