Project : catapult msa8 Type: mini size projectile bipedal Height : 26cm Weight : 550g Suitable servo: mg90s, sg92r, mg92b Components : mg90s micro servo x13= RM85. 3, esp32 dev board(doit) x1=RM22.9, 3.7v 800mah 25c lipo+charger x1=RM28.3, mx2.0 plug(depends on battery) x1=RM1.3, MT3608 voltage regulator x3=RM6.3, mpu6050 gyro x1=RM10,Continue Reading

Honda makers have constantly had to do with strong engines. This lawn mower does not lag behind, when it pertains to engine top quality. Thanks to it and other advantages, like large-capacity discharge bag and instinctive self-propulsion, this lawn mower is seen amongst the very best lawn mowers on theContinue Reading – Remote controle lawn mower. Self made in swiss quality 😉 The construction time was just over two years… Find more information in the video! sourceContinue Reading

Arduino Android Solar powered rain maker At night it has lightning and thunder effect and then it rains, vid coming full screen this to see rain effect. Some code to control solenoid timing Custom Android SDK app sends http request to arduino through wifi router Solar battery powered. Needed 6vContinue Reading