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Do your ever find yourself inside your ceiling or under the floor working on your home automation system, and need to SSH to a remote machine or re-flash an Arduino? I may have found the answer.

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  1. Bunch of Bullshiit. Some applications are faster in Pi than this crap. Run a benchmark and CHIP lost completely. CHIP is a scam company and Missing in action now. So stop promoting it when its a scam shiit and lots of buyers lost money with no orders receive after years order. 1Ghz can never faster than 1.2Ghz, do you know anything about computing?

  2. ergonomy of this thing is very horribly designed. I think look and feel of OQO computers is masterpiece for this kind of portable devices.

  3. So, this runs some kind of Linux distro, right?
    Why not build an app that runs on the Pocket CHIP, that does all the SSH stuff in a nice "app shell".
    I have been using Xojo (www.xojo.com) to make all sorts of apps for my iPhone, Mac, Windows Linux and some raspberry pi projects. Works like a charm. I think it might be worth your while to check it out. Xojo is rather easy to use: It is a lot like Visual Basic.
    I play a lot with the shell commands. Making a nice interface makes it easier to work in those environments like your attic. You could build a flash app, to update your hard-to-reach boards.

  4. For the CHIP. I have been looking at it to be used as a gateway. Serial, bluetooth, wifi and radio. For example. I could install one or more arduino in the greenhouse. Monitor a number of different environment, soil and maybe two to four cameras. Since it's remove it could be used to receive Radio transmissions from the central controller in the greenhouse which maybe an arduino mega or perhaps as another CHIP. Another fit for this is simple services. For example, DHCP, to remotely push a new update, etc. For the web server am still at a loss of what would really fit the bill. I could easily stand up a standard server which will remote all of the information and present them on dashboards where you could open a different page for that object for more data, configuration changes, etc. But yes, it does fit the bill for allot of possibilities. But even with the reduced storage option you could add a shield or just connect to a NFS server somewhere that has the storage. It can pull or update those files through that methodology.

  5. I'm getting my pocket chip system soon. Good to know i can do SSH and to use it on my Arduino. Thanks for the share πŸ™‚

  6. Dude! Move the mic out if your throat. I can hear you swallow and breathe. Super annoying.

  7. I love the design and screen of this thing. I wonder if it would be possible to connect a raspberry pi to this thing?

  8. Hi SuperHouseTV i'd like to just get your thoughts on one thing

    do you think you'd be able to hook up some kind of GSM module so the Pocket CHIP (the one that looks like the Game Bog)

  9. You say the cost is $9 but not really honest. I disagree, the price is very honest. All devices have wires, cables and accessories that are required or could be added and used. The Pi for example requires a memory card, they all require a power source. I hope the best for CHIP because competition brings us more options as consumers.

  10. Dont forget to try the new pocketchip version 4.4, adds drivers for the gpu and mcl nand support so the internal storage is now 8Gb!

  11. Damn I lusted after this thing and still want it but I just don't have the $$$

  12. Seems that this pocketCHIP has no future. Searched eBay – nothing. Even link you provided – no price tag on it. I don't to buy something unknown.

  13. Yes, or you could use an o
    OTG adapter (if your requires this) an upload an write sketches easily! Works well! Even burning the bootloader.

  14. Understand what you have is the platform to PICO. A rather curious and easy-to-learn programming language geared for writing video games. But yes, the keyboard is scheisse and ruins the whole thing.

  15. Thk a lot , very helpful , you have a clever way to explain things thanks again

  16. I can't wait for it to arrive. I pre-ordered it and it should've been here a month ago, but they delayed production and I won't receive it until September πŸ™

  17. am a home automation enthusiast, and i love the fact that you've mentioned openhab and mqtt, i am planning to build my home automation on that, maybe make a small profit doing this to other people.

    have you tried http://www.orangepi.org/ ? they got boards as low as 10$ which has allwinner H3 as well as an Ethernet port and usb port, am curious what do you think of it.

    is there anywhere to overlook your homesetup ? am mainly using RPI3 as OH2 host and MQTT server, and arduino pro mini + RFM69HW and ESP8266 (Wemos D1 mini) for sensor nodes

  18. If you don't want to drag an expensive laptop in your crawl space why not just buy an older thinkpad? The hardware is fine for linux and they're pretty cheap, so if you break it you're only out maybe $200 instead of $3000.

  19. I was also thinking given the nature of the rugged design it would be perfect for an obd 2 scanner for the car which im currently looking for a cheap alternative

  20. That's neat could be useful for a lot of applications were laptops are awkward like maybe car tuning.

  21. Very interesting! Does the CHIP know when external power has been removed and it's running from LiPO? Can the OS be signalled to shut down cleanly?

  22. Hmm I wonder if there is going to be an osciliscope add on to it then it would be quite handy

  23. I just received a few chips past weekend and not only are they amazing in build quality, they are just well designed from a to z. I have five woking units. With the Raspi I had one faulty unit in a shipment of four. I will put some chips into the wall – their size allows for installation in a regular sized power socket cup (in Germany). With a NFC extended chip and a bunch of NFC enabled Arduinos on each floor of the house … I'm looking at my own super house rather soon. Thanks for testing and backing the PocketChip. Cheers!

  24. lol, the modern day diy! no seriously you could see someone liking that to fit a house up with "linux powered" home automation

  25. Actually, you CAN flash an Arduino board with your phone ! πŸ™‚ Of course, it's easier with a bigger screen.
    Anyway, another great video ! Thanks πŸ™‚

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