The all new Worx Landroid automatically knows what’s best for your lawn every day. It adapts to the size and shape of your lawn and growth rate of your grass. It learns continuously from our fleet of thousands connected robot mowers and regularly updates itself. It’s agile, safe, accurate andContinue Reading

tried RC lawn mower with low budget. Goal was to finish no more than $300 excluding mower. So used used motors ( 2 left ), cheaper RC receivers, cheapest motor control. At the end this project failed even though you can see it’s moving about. I had multiple trial errorsContinue Reading

This is a simple build of an RC lawnmower. If you have any questions shoot me a comment or message. All parts used in this build will be listed below. Please like and subscribe! Lawn Mower: Cytron SmartDrive Duo 30: Sabertooth motor driver: Flysky RC Controller: Reading