See how my robotic lawn mower performed & what you need to know BEFORE considering buying one of these. Featuring the Worx Landroid.

Work Landroid:

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  1. That is the worst idea for a mower. What happens when a mole pushes rock to the surface or branches litter after a wind storm. That means you have to check the lawn every day before it starts mowing. More cons then pros

  2. Mine was cutting the yard doing it's thing, I went in the house and got a beer, came back outside and it was gone, my neighbor said the last time he seen it it was on the feeder road of eye 45.(

  3. id buy one for the sole purpose of being able to mow my backyard without angering the Carpenter Bees (they hate the sound of mowers; the loud gas powered ones that is)

  4. Not Interested. Doesn't even have a beer holder to bring me while i watch it from my lawn chair. Back to the drawing board guys!

  5. Let's be honest. Which would win the robot lawn mower, or the robot vacuum cleaner in a robot death match?

  6. All fun n games till this shit goes "maximum overdrive" all over everybody's ass…

  7. It would be cool if you could mount a camera on it so you can watch it on your phone just to make sure it doesn't run over the cat or dog ???… Or to make sure your pet elephant doesn't stomp on it .???. I guess if I had a lawn that already looked as manicured as that one to begin with, I might try it! ?

  8. why no sample of the lawn being mowed.. it looks like its just driving around

  9. …did I miss it or did we not get any information on how much mowing we get between charges, and how many charges did it take to mow that sized yard?

  10. man they can put a ai camera to measure the property's lawn problem solved and cheaper sturdy material affordable for people think about it 200 x 5000 is a milli now 2000 x 5000 they just money hungry, i think 800 is more of a reasonable price

  11. Glad I found this review. I think I'll just get a riding lann mower and do it myself.

  12. What is the maximum sized yard that this can adequately cut?

    Also how does this handle uneven lawns with lots of dips and bumps?

  13. That's a nice lawn, what kind of grass is that… you must water it every over day?! Cheers

  14. 2085
    Robot1: sips on oil cocktail “ hey look at your human cutting the grass she looks thirsty”
    Robot 2 : “offer her a drink of your oil” hahahaha
    Human women thinks “i hear there was a time robots worked for people.

  15. Sure if you want zig zag patterns in your lawn since this thing moves around like a robo vac.

  16. Moral of the story, make your own
    Seriously, a modified rc car a brushless motor and a blade cost maybe a total of 30 bucks

  17. i love to mow lawns but there is just not enough to mow especially when you have a 61" Commercial zero turn

  18. someone needs to make such thingy, but for like real stirdy garden grass with like flowers and moss in it and a tree branch here and there, so its actually usable

  19. My lawn has a rock island with a tree in it, do you know how it would avoid it?

  20. I’m getting one after watching this video! I’ll still cut my yard but I am hoping to use this in the front, then cut the side and back of my yard

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