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HobbyWing FOC Brushless Motor:

Phantom Angle battery manager:

Solar charger:

Wireless earbuds:




  1. Here's a Quick Tip for you "Keep it Simple" your idea's are "NICE" but way over engineered. You need a "REEL" Type Mower to cut the grass. Your RC rig can either push or pull it.
    One last tip always make sure grass is completely dry before cutting.

  2. Have a look at a brush hog mower. The idea of the deck is that it folds over the grass and push it down onto the blade. This allows the blade to cut and mulch the grass and anything that it cuts is thrown to the rear of the more deck. It will allow it to mulch.

  3. I know its not nearly as fun but instead of turning an RC truck into a mower, turn a Mower into an RC Truck. Its much less stressful.

  4. i feel like buying a cheap electric lawnmower with really high end guidance would be dope

  5. Okay, but would it have been faster/cheaper/easier to just make a remote controlled lawn mower?

  6. I had good hopes for the mower till I saw his lawn…did you think it’d work on the solar buggy?? Lol

  7. Hmm.. Maybe add a blower to the cutter head? to move mowed grass away from the blades?

  8. blade cutters at high rpm working like blenders mincing grass puree.. thinking reciprocating saw cutter coulda cut as effective, while less buzzing buzz.. ya know, a herd of these would buzz brush fire fodder in fire prone areas in cali.. solar rover mower?

  9. Now imagine a rover that cuts the grass, collects the trimmings, processes those trimming to be used as a fuel source

  10. Just use a longer blade, it doesn't even need to be that sharp if its spinning fast enough, like 18000 feet per minute at the tip.

  11. Flip the motors! Output shafts facing up. When tall grass flops over it'll still be landing on the spinning blades. Awesome video though Don't give up!

  12. I think you should try a combine design instead of the blades one.
    This should help with all types of grass

  13. should have used a cutter like what's on hair buzz cutters just scaled up.

  14. Did you know that commercial lawnmowers and riding lawnmowers and push mower blades are designed like aircraft wings or something to that effect to use lift to pull the grass up into it.

  15. try making a reciprocating blade like a hedge trimmer it wont care how thick the grass is

  16. That's literally more capable than my mower. Tall wet grass like that and it's cutting that well. Awesome

  17. If you were to make a conveyer system that moved the cuts out of the way after cut, like a combine you could keep moving without having to go back and forth.

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