The STIHL iMow 632 P is a self-charging, self-mowing robotic lawn mower that will cut large lawns of up to one acre in size. With its powerful lithium-ion battery and 12 inch cutting width, the RMI 632 P can mow up to 150 minutes per charge. iMow is loaded with safety features for safe operation around kids and animals, and is easy to program and schedule mowing times. Contact Gardenland Power Equipment in Campbell for more information at 408-377-4496 or visit our website at



  1. Installed 5 ( 632PC-L) of them on one property , once we figured out their nuances they work awesome.

  2. Ha ha! I just saw "speak ya's" comment referring to the mower "that appears to not cut anything!!", as i started to write the same thing! What a load of garbage! If you can't show us a machine actually cutting grass, go away!! Because you're wasting our time.

  3. Does it work on proper over grown gardens as every vidoe I have watched with these on they are always on grass that isnt over grown

  4. where is the deep grass discharge port? where is the cut grass? I guess this must me good for mowing golf course grass – but what about plush/thick augustine grass?

  5. Only feature i like to see if it actually cuts grass. ??????

  6. Problem with these is the blade spins so slowly that the quality of cut is poor, it can't generate enough suction/lift to pull the grass up.

  7. Sure beats $2500-$2800 for the Husqvarna robot mower. I still don’t like it.

  8. joke as you will but this is a great product for certain homes, old folks with no kids or pets and a small lawn, it can cut every other day just fine, grass will just never get that long and works fine

  9. You could just not be a lazy piece of shit and get off your ass and go mow your yard right instead of relying on robots to do everything for us

  10. I'd like to know how it does on steep terraces like what you see in towns alongside major rivers like the Mississippi and Missouri.

  11. I put together R/C Lawnmower using PoulanPro with Paw patrol and Huffy kids bike, check my videos of it cutting grass on my friends yards.

  12. …and the exercise you get from this releases endorphins in the body making you feel great..and so does alcohol??

  13. This lawn has been cut by a rotary mower first. You can see the stripes!

  14. I’ve watched 3 videos of smart mowers. Not one video actually shows it cutting grass. Why even make a video of a lawn mower if you don’t show it cutting grass. I actually saw this video go over tall grass and it popped up on the other side. What a joke

  15. These are horrid, they are killing hedgehogs, and critters which has no business cutting anything without man held control. Ban them!

  16. Normally, I'm not one to be critical of videos that someone has put a lot of time and effort into to produce. In the closeup segments, the mower does not appear to be cutting anything – before and after appear to be identical. I'm seriously interested in robotic mowers, as a fleet of these would be much cheaper to own, operate, and maintain, with zero labor costs, for my 10 acre lawn compared to my $20k+ John Deere 997, which runs up at least $1500 in annual maintenance, $500 fuel, and $5k labor. This is based upon approx 10 months of mowing annually in south Louisiana. I don't think the technology is quite there, but hopefully in another couple of years it will be. This certainly will work for lawns of 1 acre or less, though. Thanks.

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